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Speedbumps in the Roadmap

Last week the Prime Minister unveiled his roadmap to exiting the lockdown and returning to the people of the United Kingdom – or at least part of it – their rightful freedoms. This roadmap however, contains numerous caveats, conditions, questions and ‘subject to’s’ as it were, particularly regarding any upsurge in cases of ‘The Coronavirus!’

Let us repeat once again that the gross misuse and overuse of the word coronavirus is just one of the confusions arising over the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the government’s response to that disease that has created the problems we face today.

We do not go along with the view that COVID-19 is a scam. However, we do firmly go along with the view – held in ever-widening circles and growing in numbers – that the response has been unnecessary, overly-restrictive and plain wrong. The propagation of fear has been relentless and it is the most savage indictment of the government that they have chosen this course.

Not a rational, proportionate and steady response but one peppered with confusion and shifting goalposts. So it is also with the roadmap – everything contained within is subject to ‘cases’ continuing to fall, and there being no ‘new' variants of COVID-19. So here we are, on March 1 and what happens? A new variant is announced. How surprising. How very convenient for those who wish lockdowns to carry on.

Let us make a little prediction; Spring is almost upon us. The weather will improve and as longer, warmer days arrive, people will generally feel better, as they always do. Spring will give way to summer, as it always does and summer will give way to Autumn. And when it does, there will be an upsurge in illness of one kind or another – there always is. Flu will still be with us, as it always is and so will coronaviruses, as they always are.

Boris Johnson’s comments regarding the irreversibility of the roadmap may be ignored as he and his power-hungry ministers will not let go. Neither will many other elected governments around the world. They simply like the power too much.

However, what the people give, the people can take away. Perhaps the Prime Minister needs to be reminded of that.

© KJM Today, 2021.


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