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Introducing Tel...
Tel, for those who may not know, is London slang for the name Terry. Our hero, having been born in London, is thus subject to such slangery and is equally thus known simply as Tel. He is an adventurous sort, always willing to try new things and not at all afraid to indulge in pursuits usually partaken of by those of other generations.

His son Kyle, a boy of indeterminate age (although known to be attending secondary school) is somewhat laid back about his dad's activities, and puts it down to senior delinquency.

At this point one can either go elsewhere very fast or simply read on and marvel at their day-to-day lives.


For a little historical info, scroll on down to the nether regions of this page

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A little historical background

Many years ago (and astoundingly it really is many years - over 26 of them) I got up one morning and went for breakfast, dutifully prepared by my late father, Terry James.

Yes, he who once informed, educated and entertained members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, by virtue of his employment with the British Forces Broadcasting Service, used to do breakfast. He wasn't a bad cook as it happens. 

With the daily newspaper to hand, dad also used to provide opinion on what was going on in the world and within the UK.

On impulse one day, I picked up a pen and scribbled a rough cartoon, using dad as the central character. I carried on doing this for a while and dad rather liked them. So he said, anyway.

Naturally I embellished things more than a little; for example on the occasion of the planet Jupiter being struck by a meteorite. Pieces of Jupiter flew off in all directions, eagerly observed by those who could, here on Earth. Obviously a bit of it would head here and I drew dad sitting at Wimbledon watching the tennis as the chunk dropped our way. He then leapt from his seat, grabbed a tennis racket and swatted it back into space...

Dad said I should do this cartooning stuff more regularly but at the time, I had others things to occupy myself with but now, I can devote some time to it.

Hence - 'Tel'

Tel is of course, entirely fictional but even so, does bear a resemblance to my old man. As to his son, Kyle, I'll leave his origins shrouded in mystery. I could say he is me (although he isn't so I won't) and I might even think this is how I really do look. At least until I pass by a mirror - at which point it's best to keep on passing.

Like many my inspiration comes from not only dad, but long-established and now ancient cartoons like The Perishers, Peanuts and Giles, among others. Not to mention what may be happening in and on the world.

Or for that matter on others.

Perhaps I should have done something about this years ago, but better late than never. I'm sure dad would approve and would like 'Tel'

I hope you do as well.

Oh, and if you are an magazine editor or some such, feel free to offer me vast sums of cash to have Tel published...

Kevan James


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