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Reader's Remarks - your letters.


Email your letters, comments and observations to - please include your first and last names, as well as your email address and full postal address and contact phone number.

Please note that anonymous or incomplete details will result in your comments not being published.  Only your name, city and country will be used but names and address can also be withheld on request.



A Scary World

It is a very scary world in which we live in.

I work for the NHS. I became ill with Covid-19 at the beginning - when Boris had it and when he went into intensive care, I thought I might die. If I am honest, in it's entirety it was less severe than flu but it was the scary news footage from ICUs that made me think I would not recover.

We have come a long way since. Fourteen months on I still have 'detectable antibodies' and I refuse to be pressurised into taking part in a clinical trial for a 'vaccine' that I do not need - that the majority of people do not need.

The latest plans to 'vaccinate' children are terrifying - no sane person would willingly allow their healthy child to be injected with an 'experimental vaccine'.

Sadly, for some people the adverse effects of these trial 'vaccinations' have already cost them their lives.

With the knowledge we now have, this should end. People who wish to fully protect themselves - from any airborne virus - can make their own risk assessments on the 'vaccine', wear their masks and largely stay at home. The world as a whole has to live with illnesses.

Thank you for your informed opinion and common sense in this mad world.

Name and address withheld by request

Internet Censorship During COVID-19


I am a law abiding citizen (up to now) and I was shocked to be told by email today that I have been suspended from Twitter for posting a tweet about Covid 19.

I quoted the facts that the Oxford jab had not been tested on pregnant women and three miscarriages had been reported on the MHRA Yellow Card scheme.

No doubt I am in good company in being suspended but still I find it sad and scary. 

Alison Peel

Address withheld by request



BER / Willy Brandt. 'The Writing of the Wall'


Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm was certainly no supporter of Herr Schicklgruber's 3rd Reich. Moving to Norway, then neutral Sweden during WW2, he became a Norwegian citizen in 1940. The war over, he returned to his native Germany, and became involved in politics. Presented to the people under the pseudonym Willy Brandt, his Chancellorship from 1969 would come to an abrupt end in 1974 when close confidant Gunther Guillaume was arrested as an East German spy.

Brandt was replaced by Helmut Schmidt as Chancellor, but remained in the political arena, living in the sleepy Rhine village of Unkel on the opposite bank of the Rhine river to Oberwinter and Remagen.

On the 9th November 1989, unbeknownst to Willy and his wife in the throes of moving to a new house in Unkel, the Berlin wall would fall.

At 04.00 on the 10th November a reporter from Hessische Rundfunk would break the news to Brandt. A Royal Air Force Andover (XS597) from 60 Squadron flew Brandt and four of his closest team from Cologne / Bonn airport to Berlin. The aircraft had been arranged by West Berlin Mayor Walter Momper.

After arrival he was taken to the Brandenburg Gate, and at 17.00hrs gave a speech in front of thousands of people outside the Schoeneberg Town Hall. Later Herr Brandt was invited to visit East Berlin and crossed the West / East border without a passport. He returned to West Berlin late on the 10th November, and stayed the night at the Steigenberger Hotel, before flying back to Cologne / Bonn on November 11th with a scheduled commercial flight.

The 30th of October 2020 saw the ceremony of ‘Unveiling the Willy Brandt wall’ in Terminal 1 of the newly opened BER airport.

Schoenefeld (SXF) is now BER Terminal 5. and a ten minute ride from the other terminals.

I Think it would be right and proper to name Terminal 5 after Chris Gueffroy, a young waiter that served his apprenticeship at Schoenefeld Airport, and was the last person to be shot in 1989 trying to escape to the West.

Chris was one of three waiters who attempted to escape. Mario and Richard in 1987 - both paid with a prison sentence. Chris paid with his life.


Lance Shippey


Cheshire, UK

Abolish the Supreme Court

I would just like to say that I wholeheartedly agree with everything that Kevan James has said in his open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Although Kevan has mentioned briefly the Criminal Justice system, I would like to add that one of the most important aspects of this as far as I'm concerned is the removal of the Supreme Court.

This was created by Tony Blair, for the EU's benefit and his own.

It is hampering the attempt by the current government to amend laws to better suit the UK.

It is NOT fit for purpose and should be removed forthwith.

Bob Moore




Re: Jon Proctor

I have known Jon for a few years. I'm a fellow aviation historian. Jon was always happy to help me with photos and information without wanting anything back. By chronicling his years in the US aviation industry in the 1960s and 1970s he leaves a great legacy.

R.I.P. Jon

Marnix Groot




Re: MPs and the House of Commons

I've just read your opinion piece and agree wholeheartedly with what you say. Most politicians today are self-serving automatons who toe the Party line an don't give two figs for the Electorate. Things have to change or democracy will wither on the vine.


David Miller

South Shields

United Kingdom

Re: No-one Is Safe Anymore.

In Ireland we also have the problem of leaders of nuns (especially Sisters of Mercy) who actively side with false accusers against their own innocent colleagues. Even when accusers are PROVED to be liars, the Sisters make no apology and our anti-clerical media put no pressure on them to do so (as they would with an ordinary employer) because they are delighted with the leaders' decadent behaviour!

Rory Connor

Republic of Ireland


Heathrow's Statue

Having devoted two years of my life to recording their incredible achievement, I have a heightened interest in Atlantic trailblazers John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown. I think the removal of the statue to Ireland for private exhibition is a mistake. Heathrow Airport should reconsider their policy to this monument. It was intended to be viewed by all transatlantic passengers. Instead, it's been hidden away in an obscure corner of the airport. Poor treatment for two brave pioneers who opened up the Atlantic to commercial aviation. It's long overdue that Heathrow should replace the statue in a more fitting and prominent position.

Brendan Lynch


Republic of Ireland

The Child Bride

Kevan James’ article regarding Shemima Begum definitely raises a point about her nationality. However, whether she was a child or not, she and her two friends absolutely knew what they were doing in going to Syria/the Caliphate because of the subterfuge that they used to do so. Then she 'agreed' to a marriage to a Dutch fighter and has borne him three children.

That is NOT the mindset of a ‘child’ and being nineteen now with a newborn, her baby certainly wasn't conceived when she might have been regarded as a child. As for the legal viewpoint on what she did when using her sister's passport to get out of the UK and off to Turkey (and thence Syria) I'm not certain that she has actually broken any laws (I'm not a lawyer) in doing so: but then you need to consider what 'laws' really are (other than enactments of decisions in Parliament).

They define how a society wants to consider a 'norm' and to be in the best interests of that mythical ‘common man’ - how we should really live our lives on a day-to-day basis. It is this feeling (stemming from the national psyche) that she has abused. Whether that defines her breaking 'a law' is rather moot. If the Muslim element of the UK's population continues to expand at the rate it appears to be doing, according to the ONS in perhaps 20 years time the UK will no longer be a (broadly) white, Christian society and it will have a different view. Maybe Sharia law (which is already being used by certain elements of the Muslim community - even if it not entirely 'legal' in the full sense of the law) will be the will of the majority of people in the UK, and her decision to use a religious ideal as an excuse to follow ISIS will be more welcomed than it is now.

As for integration into our society - that cuts both ways. If people choose to follow the schooling and attitudes of the original nationality/religion rather than integrate into our ways then that's their choice. We (the indigenous population) do not demand that they shall integrate. But if they choose not to, then that will inevitably lead to confrontation, and the likes of Tommy Robinson will continue to object to their failure to abide by our laws and ways. But they can't have it both ways. It's not up to the indigenous population to integrate with them: it's up to them to integrate with us.

Name and address withheld by request.

Out of Touch Politicians

Our Politicians have never appeared to be more idiotic than at present. They have allowed the cost of living to rise so highly that both parents are always at work, rather than spending time with their children (single parents stand no chance).

Parents have been told they cannot discipline their children. You reap what you sow and we have lost more than a generation, turning them into rude, selfish, disrespectful brats who have no respect for people, property or authority.

Our so-called political leadership deemed people with terminal illnesses and some with only a few months to live fit for work. They have allowed our veterans of war to go homeless and hungry but give out millions to foreign aid. They save drug addicts over and over again but refuse to give free diabetic supplies. They bend over backwards to be politically correct, too scared to say enough is enough, in case they offend. They put the retirement age up so people must work until they drop. People depend on handouts and food banks, whilst we give aid to others who are perfectly able work for it. Our retired generation rely on inadequate pensions, their thanks for working hard.  

Not all children are brats however and I accept that there are many people who have brought their children up properly - I include my own children in this but then they have manners, they respect their elders, authority and property. This is because of my values and the way in which I was raised.

Nevertheless, something has to change.

Bob Brett




A very informative site. I especially like how you weigh in on different topics. I'm confident this site can develop into one of the major resources.

Max Groot,



Just thought I'd drop a note to say that this site provides me with a good read - articles, often with a different viewpoint from my own, but well-reasoned, nevertheless. Often prevents me feeling quite so grumpy about things!! I should also like to add that I enjoyed reading Kevan James's "Comments of a Common man" whilst on holiday over the Christmas period. Stimulating!

John Westbury,


Bedfordshire, UK.

Enjoying your recent content particularly the aviation material. The Aviation Oracle article about the SSJ-100 leaving service with Brussels Airlines was a nice balance between detail, knowledge of the industry and opinion. Keep producing this sort of content and it will be well consumed by the readers and on social media.

Pieter Johnson

Internet Radio Station Aviation Xtended, UK.

Really enjoyed reading Tyler McDowell on flying with Southwest this morning. The pictures were great too and it certainly made me miss flying. Hope I get to board a Southwest flight in the near future. I love their service and the 737-800!

Norberto Valladares

Houston, USA.

A nice clean website! A true credit to it’s creators.

Ali Gordon,

Worksop, UK.

Buying the books:

I have purchased two of your books 'Comments of a Common Man' and 'Heathrow Airport an illustrated History'.

Both are superbly written and most informative. As a lover of all types of aviation I found 'Heathrow' an excellent reference book and I learnt much about its history from just a few grass fields to the one of the world's busiest airports today. 'Comments' was an eye opener regarding how we, the general public, are conned daily by those we regard as the trustworthy leaders of our country. A book you can't put down until the last page!

J. Glasser, 

Meare, Somerset, UK.

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