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The House of Fools

It is well-known that the general public are now somewhat disenfranchised from those they have (mistakenly) elected to run their country for them. And it is small wonder why. The seizure of the Brexit process from the government by a significant group of MPs is little more than a coup and in days gone by, those responsible would by now have been forcibly removed from their positions and carted off to the Tower of London.

Whilst their forcible removal may well be a thing of the past, that they must now be removed is indisputable. Having seized power for themselves, they still cannot decide what to do with it. These political non-entities – from all sides of the House of Commons – are betraying parliament, their constituencies, their country and democracy itself.

None of these wretched individuals must be allowed by the people of the United Kingdom to remain as Members of Parliament. To all of them we say as Oliver Cromwell did; ‘In the Name of God, Go!’

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