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A Bankrupt Government, Led by a Bankrupt Prime Minister

June 15, 2021.























How easy it is to dash a nation’s hopes. We see it in any number of ways, but most notably in the decisions made by governments. In this particular instance, it must be acknowledged that what is happening in the UK is also happening elsewhere in the world so we are not unique.


We cannot ignore events in other countries as there is an inevitable consequence here in this one. It was ever thus (and it is worth a reminder that World War One began with a small event in a far-away place with no direction link to the UK) so we cannot happily amble along doing as we please without taking any notice. We cannot travel simply because of a jab to many other countries, whether our government says we can or not.


Be that as it may however, there are things we can do and things we cannot, that do have a direct bearing here and only here. We can determine our own course within the borders of the UK.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement yesterday evening was widely predicted – no, not by mainstream media in the days leading up to it, but by countless numbers of ordinary people before that. People who some time ago, lost faith and trust in a Prime Minister and his government.  It is a government that has been seen to be too eager to blindly follow one set of opinions – all of which have been wrong time and again – and merely follow the stampeding herd of others in removing the rights and freedoms of those ordinary people. And it is unacceptable.


The obvious question is, if the final removal of restrictions will not take place this month but next, will that removal actually happen? Given the performance so far, the odds are no. The prediction from many is that lockdowns will return come autumn and winter and that we will, if this government has its way, never regain what is ours; the right to decide for ourselves.


To those who say they will never vote Tory again, who will you vote for? To those who say they will leave the UK, where will you go? You cannot plonk yourself, your family and possessions in a boat and float blissfully into the USA, or anywhere else either. There are few countries around the world as lax as this one in that respect.


Boris Johnson had a golden opportunity to lead the UK into a new era but has squandered it on the back of the myths that have been allowed to surround COVID-19. Neither the coronavirus that leads to it, nor the disease itself are myths – but the lies, half-truths and hysteria around both have addled the brains of those we gave their jobs to.


As to the scientists exerting such influence, who are they? What are their political views? Are they to the left or right? People have a right to know.


The financial implications of oppressing the people have yet to be felt. But there will be consequences, of that we can be sure. We talk now not of monetary matters but of moral bankruptcy.


This is a bankrupt Prime Minster, leading a bankrupt government composed of bankrupt Ministers, drawn from a bankrupt set of MPs in the House of Commons. They are aided and abetted by a bankrupt set of scientists, yet none of them will suffer as a result of what they now do. This is supported by numerous images of these bankrupt individuals smiling, laughing and being close to each other at the G7 summit here in the UK last week.


Not for them the deprivations they have inflicted upon the people they are supposed to serve. How easy it is to dash the hopes of their nations.

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