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As of Saturday February 1, 2020, the United Kingdom was no longer a member of the European Union, the EU.

  Having left it at 11pm UK time (midnight on the continent) on Friday, some look ahead with joy and optimism, some with disquiet and concern, and some with an outright fear based on a lack of knowledge. One example of that is the student who tweeted that she would no longer be able to travel to Europe.  

  Firstly, the EU is not Europe; there a a number of countries within the continent of Europe that are not members of the EU but neither they nor any EU member country, or the EU Commission, have suggested that no British person will be able to travel across the channel.

  This lack of knowledge rather than anything else is the biggest concern; that some of those who shout the loudest shout only rumour and falsehood. Under a mistaken impression they may be but dare we say it, there are also those who will shout deliberate lies to try and bring down a UK that is not an EU member.

  Such shouting is pointless, unnecessary and self-defeating.  The Prime Minister must now do two things - first he and his government must tackle head-on the problems the UK has; the ever-rising, never-ending spiralling costs of merely having somewhere to live; ensuring that the UK can defend itself against any threat; sorting out the welfare system so those who need benefits have not only enough money to live on but can also fund a search for work; the overseas aid bill; transport, both land and air, ensuring that it can grow and handle demand, the increase in crime, to name just a very few.

  There are so many more domestic needs that have been neglected thanks to the paralysis of the last four years, and the unwillingness of successive governments - both Labour and Tory - to confront and deal with them.

  The PM's second task is to pursue a workable, mutually beneficial arrangement with the EU so that we can travel to and from countries within it, without visas and unnecessary restrictions; that trade and business can flourish; that both the UK and the EU can prosper as close allies and partners.

  Boris Johnson has something that his two predecessors did not - a comfortable majority in the House of Commons. For the first time in a decade, the UK has a government that can actually govern.

  Prime Minister; get on with it please and don't let us, the people who gave you your job, down.

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Details of our books for 2020.


Now available - the Third Edition of Comments of a Common Man

An excoriating look at life in the UK today, taking aim at Politicians, Police, the NHS, Education, the shocking cost of housing and other subjects of concern to those living in the UK.

This is a book that should be read by everybody.

Available as a paperback or on Kindle, just £9.99 from Amazon or you can order a copy from us:

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Now available - Airport Days and Nights Evolution

The sister book to Airport Days and Nights Terminals and Runways, this takes readers on a personal journey back in time, up to the present day and shows the development of airports used by the authors. Packed with full colour photographs this is an evocative portrayal of personal and technological growth.

Paperback £17.99 from Amazon or you can order a copy from us:

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Now available - Heathrow Airport 70 Years and Counting

A second edition of Kevan James' earlier history of Heathrow, brought right up to date and including the latest developments concerning the new runway. Controversially, the author calls for two new runways at the airport and not just one. The book also includes a direct comparision with New York's John F. Kennedy airport - Heathrow's busiest route. With three new chapters and substantially re-written throughout, the book will attract those interested in social history and development, as well as aviation and airport enthusiasts.

A solid, hardback book with a RRP of £19.99, you can order a copy from us: email now -

Or buy your copies now here:

Reader's Remarks on Heathrow Airport 70 Years and Counting:

Kevan James has knitted his own personal reflections and experiences into what could otherwise have been a considerably less compelling narrative, had it been purely historical. His personal anecdotes, experiences and reflections throughout the book make it a compelling read for anybody who has known and experienced Heathrow in any capacity. 

(Paul S. London, UK)


This is a well-written and interesting account of Heathrow’s history – the most interesting airport in Britain. It’s good to know where it came from and what happened there, and to reflect on what goes on behind the scenes, and where it might be going in the future.

(Matt Falcus, The Airport Spotting Blog -

The heart and soul of the world's most iconic airport

(Andy Martin)

Eloquent writing and full of interesting facts

(Marnix Groot, Editor.

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A book may last more than a lifetime.

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Comments of a Common Man Edition 3

Heathrow Airport 70 Years and Counting

Heathrow; Days Out at the UK's Premier International Airport.

Airport Days and Nights Terminals and Runways.

Airport Days and Nights Evolution

Boyhood; Soccer, Skaters, Streets and Suchlike

The Posts of Roche Fokke

Boysold (a novel, part one of a trilogy)

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