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Books from KJM Today:

Books have always been a part of life and even today, they are still.

The printed book, and for that matter magazines and newspapers, face a challenging time in the face of the digital onslaught but there is nothing like a book; a tangible thing that one can hold, feel, and yes, love also.

The digital version is a flimsy on-screen nothing, swiped away with the flick of a finger, deleted when done with.

A book may last more than a lifetime.

Still Available via Amazon -

Comments of a Common Man Edition 3

Heathrow; Days Out at the UK's Premier International Airport.

Airport Days and Nights Terminals and Runways.

Airport Days and Nights Evolution

Boyhood; Soccer, Skaters, Streets and Suchlike

The Posts of Roche Fokke

Boysold (a novel, part one of a trilogy)

Heathrow Airport 70 Years and Counting - SOLD OUT and awaiting a new print run





































                                                                    Heathrow Airport 70 Years and Counting -

                                                                                             SOLD OUT

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