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Wizzing Over Wales

For long periods of the past 12 months the skies have been quiet as flight levels have been reduced by unprecedented levels due to COVID-19 linked travel restrictions. That was certainly not the case for those living in South Wales earlier this month when Central and Eastern European specialist low fare airline Wizz Air arranged a special flyover using its Airbus A320 aircraft.

Ahead of the opening of a new base at Cardiff Airport in May 2021 for its UK-based operation Wizz Air UK, the company flew four of its A320s to the international air gateway of the Welsh capital city for maintenance.

On March 6, 2021, the aircraft were ferried to South Wales and in the process provided those living in the area with a unique site. All four aircraft arrived over South Wales together before descending over Cardiff, Newport and Swansea before making their final approach into Cardiff Airport, one after another.

Images courtesy of the Corporate Travel Community and Jac Osborne

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