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What the UK Government Should Be Doing

It is very easy for those not holding political high office – like that of Prime Minister – to be saying what those who are actually the post holders should be doing. And it must be acknowledged that it is not easy. It is in fact, very hard.

That makes it a requirement that to become a Member of Parliament, an MP, those standing for election are people who are a bit special; people who have talent and an aptitude for the job. This is even more marked when it comes to government roles. As with any walk of life, no matter what the job, those with the ability, the real ability, are the ones who rise to the top. The question in politics today is whether or not we really do have that talent in the House of Commons and in government.

One of the things ministers must do is prioritise - what really needs doing, what can wait, what is necessary over what is desirable. And it is here that the UK’s politicians have been found sadly lacking for what is now far too long. For years as it happens.

The people of the UK were profoundly co-operative during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the summer of 2020 we queued and distanced. Other than the selfish few (there are always those of this mind set) who seemed to rapidly develop an obsession with stockpiling toilet rolls, most shopped sensibly. Yes, many bought a little extra so they would not have to shop daily and so many, many workers in shops, delivery drivers, post office workers, to name just a few, still went to work every day.

But all looked to our elected leaders to deal with the onset of COVID-19 sensibly, without panic and without engendering unnecessary fear. This they did not do.

People needed to know that any measures really were temporary and that normal life would soon return; that ministers were still dealing with the ever-rising cost of merely staying alive; the cost of having a stable, secure home, of energy bills, of all the matters that concern us. And it includes securing the borders of the UK from any and all threats.

What people do not want or need is a government – no matter what party from which it comes – that imposes draconian, never-ending restrictions of one kind or another upon a previously free people; a government that panders to those who shout the loudest and demands that people replace – at their own expense – existing home heating equipment with so-called ‘green’ energy; a government that indulges itself in soundbites and gimmickry. And there are so many more aspects to daily living that we send our representatives to parliament for.

We, along with all countries, want, need and demand responsible government that listens to those who elected them. And that means finding people who really do have the talent and ability to lead.

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