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The Signs of the Times

Monday November 23, 2020.

In our last Home Page Opinion, we highlighted that freedom - real, true freedom - comes with risks. Risks of all kinds and we made the point that '...if governments try to micro-manage risks, to attempt to eliminate all risks, one eliminates freedom as well. The two go hand-in-hand. You cannot have both.'

This remains true now and always has been. Yet we now hear that the UK government will 'allow' people to see each other over the Christmas period, and that restrictions will be re-imposed thereafter. Scientific opinion (shown to be fundamentally flawed) is once again predicting a rise in deaths. And all the time, 'cases' are on the rise.

'Cases' of what? For many, many people the term means inexorable rises in 'cases of the coronavirus'. As we have consistently asked, which coronavirus? There are seven that can infect humans and at this time of the year, all of them can, do and will increase the effect they have, and the scale of illnesses that can result will also increase. So equally many people are now questioning the veracity of the information they are being given. Even some arms of main stream media are now starting to ask the same questions.

The government - along with all others around the world - and the people they serve must now stop being blinded by one set of views from one set of scientists and start respecting that freedom comes with risk. They must also start learning the lessons of the past and know what the old saying, 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions' actually means.

While the intent of saving lives is a good one, government must realise it cannot save everybody; it cannot micromanage the society it serves.

And unless a new course of action is embarked upon (and quickly), empty trains, closed shops, stores, sports and entertainment venues, bankrupt businesses and lonely, permanently isolated people, all masked with broken spirits, all the signs of today's times, become the permanent normal tomorrow.

© KJM Today 2020

Image - Kevan James © 2020


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