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The Science Rules

August 2, 2021

Most will remember the recent furore over the ill-fated and ill-conceived European Super League, that cabal of so-called elite football clubs that wanted to grab everything for themselves, excluding everybody and anybody else.

What defeated it was a strong-willed desire from supporters of the game to oppose it and the wave of rejection across Europe stopped it in its tracks. Undoubtedly the idea will resurface again at some point and in some form but standing up to the big, rich bullies by ordinary people was shown to pay off.

There exists a similar cadre of big, rich bullies in every strata of society and there always has. Until recently however, most people didn’t know who they were but accepted, at least up to a point, that they had influence and used it. Again for the most part, that influence had little effect on the day to day lives of people but today, the malign influence of the minority view imposed by the bullies has been brutally exposed.

One can extend this into numerous areas of life but for now, we limit the point to those whose influence has wreaked havoc upon everything most of us have taken for granted – the scientists whose views on COVID-19 has thrown our entire lives into the air, shaken them about and dumped them back on the ground in a misled, misinformed and dishevelled heap.

In the case of health, many scientists are of the opinion that they know best - they have letters after their names, they have knowledge and we little people are not to be trusted. The great objective is to ensure that ‘the science’ is applied, regardless of consequences - hence the belief in lockdowns and restrictions.

And every time restrictions are eased, with fingers wagging, these scientists spew forth more prophecies of Armageddon. They demand more intensive restrictions – and use statistics to bully inexperienced and unknowledgeable governments into what they see as the only action. Yet these actions, in the shape of lockdowns, have failed to halt the spread of COVID-19. Lockdowns also brush aside other illnesses which go untreated, like cancer.

To the scientists, personal autonomy is bad. Individual liberty is bad. They are thus bullies. And like all bullies, they must be resisted. The health bullies have too much power and it must end.

© KJM Today 2021.

Image - J.J. at English Wikipedia


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