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The Scandal Continues

June 28, 2021

The resignation of Matt Hancock as Secretary of State for Health comes as no surprise and not a moment too soon.

This is an elected politician supposedly responsible not only to his constituents but, from the moment he accepted a role in government, also responsible to citizens across the country.

Yet despite a promising start as Heath Secretary at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (for which he was rightly – at the time – praised) Mr. Hancock soon began to show a liking for power.

It is this rather than his cheating and lying to his wife and family, than lost the confidence of the nation. His apparent eagerness to use statutory instruments, thus bypassing parliament, to impose ever-more draconian restrictions on mere mortals – including those who gave him his job – showed him to be more than merely not up to the task.

On his watch the NHS has gone from being a woefully bloated, over-managed, under-performing and rather wretched organisation to one that has completely abandoned and betrayed the people of the UK. For all the talk of restoring freedom, far too many GPs, Dentists and other alleged health care outlets remain effectively closed to everyday ailments, more routine care as well as life-threatening illnesses.

In addition his highly irresponsible remarks about killing granny and diseases being out of control only added fuel to the fire of COVID-19.

Not only that but allegations emerge of corrupt practices; if – and one must stress if - hard evidence is produced to show these to be true, then like a bent company director, Matt Hancock must be banned from any position of authority and trust.

We can only sympathise with his wife and children. Matt Hancock is far from unique in infidelity. He is not the first and neither will he be the last politician, of any rank, to be caught out in this way. The same applies to countless numbers of others up and down the land. But if you are going to aspire to be a leader, the highest standards are needed and must be met and in every way.

Matt Hancock has been a dismal failure in every respect.

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