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The Great Reset - Debate

Karen Harradine and Kevan James

August 4, 2022.

Anthropologist and Freelance Journalist Karen Harradine and KJM Today's Kevan James discuss the Great Reset.

KJ - I’m not yet convinced that the Great Reset (a term coined I believe by Prince Charles) is a deliberate, long-planned scheme by Klaus Schwab to take over the world. Neither am I convinced that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is leading it. The WEF has, at least until recently, been little more than a talking shop where various ‘leaders’ get together for a jolly and chat about what they would like to do, rather than what they actually can do – however, I will concede that since Italy locked it’s population down, things have moved on a little.

KH – The Great Reset phrase was indeed invented by Prince Charles. He is heavily involved with the WEF. As I have written before, the social engineering we are currently experiencing has been inflicted through a partnership between the WEF, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (GF), the United Nations (UN), and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I first wrote on the UN's Agenda 2030 in 2017, stating that this was a war on the West, a means to transfer wealth from Western nations to the despotic regimes which rule the UN. I have written, over the past two years, on the links between these four culprits, showing how these are interconnected and responsible for inflicting the Great Reset on us. I also summed this up here in a two-part series that I wrote for TCW last year:

KJ – Professor Neil Ferguson gave an interview in which he said that if China had not locked down its people, nobody else would have. Surely he should have said Italy. China is a one-party communist state. Italy is a western democracy – once they locked down, it was then that the rest of the west realised they could get away with it.

KH – It is very telling that he mentioned China. Ferguson, like most of his cronies on Sage and Independent Sage, work for scientific institutions heavily funded by the GF, as I have shown in my writings last year. Lockdown, and mandatory vaccines, has provided a gateway to the implementation of the Great Reset, of which Agenda 2030 is part of. This bolsters my theory mentioned above. Italy is heavily indebted to the CCP's Belt and Road Initiative, (BRI), its economic colonialist project, of which I have written numerous times. I suspect that Italy was given instructions by the CCP to lockdown, followed by Spain, another country heavily indebted to the BRI.

KJ – Italy may not have been given specific instructions to do it, but I think they were certainly told how to do so and make it work.

KH – Given how indebted Italy is to the BRI, I suspect they were indeed given specific instructions to lockdown.

Michael Senger's seminal piece in Tablet Magazine shows how the CCP's lockdown propaganda, and pressure to implement mandatory masking, was sold to the once free West. It suits the CCP for Western countries to have obliterated their economies in the name of Covid-19 and the anti-science lockdowns. The mask madness and Covid-19 test insanity which has overtaken the West, enriches the CCP, as many masks and tests are made in China. Every time someone screams for mandatory masks and tests, they are helping enrich a putrid regime which is a brutal coloniser of Africa, and which persecutes Muslims, Jews and Christians, imprisoning a million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps.

I have written numerous times about all of this. That western politicians obeyed the CCP and implemented its tool of authoritarian control, the anti-science lockdowns into the once free and democratic West, tells me that they are not only weak but very compromised, probably through debts to the BRI.

KJ - Weak is a good description of many western politicians but are they actually obeying specific instructions from the CCP?

That aside, whilst I take the point about China wanting to dominate the world, for most of the past six decades – 60 years - many of the things we take for granted, including big-name brands and including everything from clothing to white goods, are made in China.

Despite the brand being western based.

China’s prosperity and its financial muscle has been based on this – why would they want to destroy it, and why now?

KH - I suspect that they are not only obeying specific instructions from the CCP but also that of the CCP's champions, the GF and the WEF. China has played the long game and thanks to greedy corporations and inept, craven politicians, industries that could have enriched the West have been taken to China and instead have enriched the regime there.

This has allowed the CCP to establish its BRI in many countries, including the UK. If a country defaults on its loans to the BRI, usually because of economic decline, then the CCP will seize assets like infrastructure from those countries.

The CCP is most likely doing this to Western countries too.

It's not only the West that has enriched China but other nations too. The CCP has grown wealthy on the gold mines of Zimbabwe and South Africa, and the oil of Iran. These are just a few examples of how the CCP has enriched itself outside the West. I have written about the 25-year agreement which the CCP signed with the Iranian regime in 2020, to buy oil at a discounted price and in return will invest around £300billion in Iranian businesses.

The CCP's long game has moved on, from persuading the West to move their factories to China, where shoddy goods are made and sold back to Westerners to now becoming the world's superpower, made possible by this perverse practice. The CCP no longer needs the West. It can enrich itself on default BRI loans and through its new allies, like Iran and Russia. The CCP aligns with anyone advocating the downfall of the West and its allies.

It's also not about just money for the CCP, it's about world domination. The CCP has funded anarchists in the US, doing everything it can to destabilise American society. A broken, failed country overrun by anarchy and criminals is perfect pickings for the CCP, and its socialist expansion agenda and colonisation project, the BRI:

In the past few years, China has risen at the UN. For those aware of the CCP's imprisonment of Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps it must surely seem bizarre that most Islamic nations have not protested this. The reason is that they too are heavily indebted to the CCP via the BRI, and dare not criticise China, otherwise they risk having their assets seized. The BRI has allowed for the CCP to purchase diplomatic power as well as economic power. China now owns most countries and the foolish West has helped it do so. It’s now moved on to the next part of their long game plan, world domination.

KJ – There is no doubt that many governments have, now, gained a taste for restricting their citizens, but if, as a result of the past two years, they aren’t going to row back from this, what are ordinary people going to do about it? Canada had the chance to kick Trudeau out as did New Zealand with Ardern. Both threw that opportunity away. Why?

KH – As I often say, once freedoms are gone these are usually gone forever. I never underestimate a politician's desire for absolute power and these governments are stuffed full of depraved lunatics drunk on power. I also never underestimate the fact that the majority of people don't care about politics – they really should though – and that they make a virtue of obeying 'the rules' even though these are invented and inflicted onto them by some of the worst examples of humanity.

Way too many people have been complicit in obeying what have been essentially anti-science tools of totalitarian control, which have had nothing to do with preventing disease and everything to do with smashing up real human rights, freedom and democracy, all in the name of a bad flu virus with a low mortality rate. Some are now so brainwashed by the Covid-19 propaganda that they have lost the ability to reason and think. And our respective governments know this. Our politicians are drunk on power and will never allow us to go back to a democratic, free way of living.

The other point is that both Canada and New Zealand have a sizeable, woke, progressive populace. This woke, progressive ideology dominates all their institutions, similar to here in the UK. I lived in Canada for a while and found that most of the Canadians I met hated President Donald Trump to an irrational level, and viewed Canada as superior to the US. Demonising Trump has allowed people to show how 'virtuous' they are. I suspect that both Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau were voted in again as a means for this progressive majority to virtue signal to the world and many are so brainwashed now via Covid-19 propaganda they truly have Stockholm Syndrome.

KJ – Trudeau didn’t win the last election outright, he is now propped up by a coalition so there may be a chance for Canada.

I do agree that far too many people are meek and compliant however. I tweeted recently that wokeness is a movement that believes it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end…didn’t get much of a reaction though.

One point I would raise on COVID-19 is that it is not a flu virus.

Although the symptoms are very similar, Flu is caused by a different virus to the one that causes COVID-19.

KHYes, you are right. I forgot about that. But the outcome of the election is still the same, the Canadians have a woke lunatic as PM, who increasingly comes across as a mad dictator.

I wrote about Trudeau here:

I call Covid-19 a bad flu virus because that is how it presents at its most dangerous. For most people it is just like a bad cold. I use this language to describe it because I want to do everything to normalise it and discard any semantics which make Covid-19 seem special or unique, as the Covid Cultists attempt to do.

KJ – One of the interesting aspects to ordinary people’s reactions to government decree is that those reactions have been similar across all ages. One can understand (up to a point) why younger people might be more compliant having been through an education system dominated by one form of political ideology, but older people, who learnt real history at school, should be less inclined to meekly comply.

KH – I agree that is very interesting. I recently co-wrote a piece on the complicity of younger people – not all – but many. The dismal education that they have been exposed to has taught them not to question the woke, progressive establishment. Some older people are what Julie Burchill calls the ‘worried well’, and they were easy to brainwash. Some have made a virtue of obeying rules and regulations, to the point of making this blind obedience a point of pride in their life. The Covid-19 propaganda, spearheaded by the Johnson Junta, Sage and Independent Sage, and cheered on by depraved lunatics in Parliament, was so effective that the worried well were terrified to leave their homes in case they dropped dead as soon as they walked out of their front door.

This is the first time in history that a bad flu virus needed such a powerful PR campaign and questions need to be asked why. People forgot how to think rationally. They were frightened into obedience. All of a sudden it became forbidden to compare any historical examples to the tyranny we were being subjected to. I suspect that this was because many know on some level that they have been fooled by the propaganda and are following in the footsteps of historical monsters, and they don't want to be reminded. Furlough, that economy destroying bribe to make lockdown acceptable to the middle classes, surely also made them forget the lessons of history.

KJ – I agree with that, except of course for the phrase ‘a bad flu virus’.

KH – Thank you. Please see my reply above to this point.

KJ – Specifically regarding COVID-19, we know that face masks don’t work. We know that lockdowns don’t work and we know that the vaccines aren’t especially effective either. This is, partly at least, what I meant when I said earlier that things have moved on a little – the insistence of these by numerous governments is becoming, or even has become, a means of control.

KH – All these measures to tackle Covid-19, from useless tests, calamitous lockdowns, mandatory masking and experimental vaccines, have nothing to do with disease control and everything to do with authoritarianism and have provided a gateway for the UN/WEF/GF/CCP's Great Reset, including digital slavery. Agenda 2030 is the blueprint for this. Our depraved governments are fully complicit in all of this. The fact that the Johnson Junta rapidly discarded the UK's scientifically based 2011 Pandemic Plan - similar to the Great Barrington Declaration and Sweden's Covid-19 measures - in favour of unscientific tools of control, speaks volumes.

KJ – The idea of a reset isn’t new. Many, many people however, are going along with it because they are being forced to - but why? Have we, over the last thirty years or so, become somewhat lazy and used to things being too easy?

KH – The West has been the best place to live in for the past 70 years. We had our Golden Age and it's over now, thanks to the Covid Cultists and the climate change extremists. That the West had it so good for so long is a positive but the downside is that many have become bored and lazy. A bored, lazy population is one that is not only easy to control but also one that craves some sort of excitement. This is one of the reasons why the Covid-19 propaganda was so effective. People loved the drama of it all, and still do.

KJ – That’s for sure. But can we recover that golden age? I think we can. It is possible.

KH – I always have hope that we will overcome this tyranny. But I doubt the golden age will be re-established in my lifetime. So much damage has been done in the name of Covid-19 and climate change that it will take decades to repair.

KJ – Klaus Schwab is a German engineer and founded the WEF in 1971. That’s a long time ago. Born in 1938, he’s now 84. Surely he’s too old to be leading some world takeover?

KH – I doubt he is the leader but he is certainly complicit and a major player in this. As I pointed out above the WEF is working in partnership with the UN, GF and CCP.

KJ – If there is to be some kind of new world order, who is going to lead it? My view is that there are too many big egos among various Presidents and Prime Ministers to settle on one world leader. They’ll all want the job and they will all think they are ‘the one’ to lead.

KH – I suspect the despots who dominate the UN will lead it. I doubt that there will be one appointed leader. There are many parties that have a lot of interest in keeping alive the ruse of Covid-19 and the climate change agenda, like pharmaceutical companies who have made a fortune with Covid-19 vaccines, the GF which wants a return on its vaccine investments, Bill Gates, an evil megalomaniac, politicians drunk on power, and who have most likely been bribed/threatened/blackmailed to betray their own countries. There are other complicit parties, like Amazon which certainly saw its profits rise during the lockdowns, where SMEs were smashed to pieces. Many of the world's super-wealthy have enjoyed an increase in their finances these past two years, while most of us have become poorer.

KJ – Looking at one single aspect, that of money…yes, I know; the phrase ‘follow the money’ jumps right in here…but is there not a case for saying financial systems as we know them are becoming meaningless. For example, all governments talk of what they will spend and they go on about billions here, billions there and I don’t think any modern politician really understands just how much they are talking about. Most ordinary people don’t, and sums of money that equate to telephone numbers don’t mean much to many. Certainly not to me - a billion pounds is a fantasy figure.

KH – The amount of money spent on both Covid-19 and climate change is criminal and is a form of money laundering. I have written for years on the corrupt scheme of foreign aid, including the dismal Dfid (now part of the FCO). Billions of taxpayers' money has been handed to some of the world's worst regimes in the name of foreign aid. Successive British governments have borrowed money in order to finance foreign aid. Some of these billions have gone to the UN, and its various subsidiaries like the World Health Organisation (WHO). I have documented this all in my writings. Politicians drunk on power don’t care about the numbers, they care about their jollies to exotic places in the name of foreign aid, and they care about how they can show their 'anti-racist credentials’ by championing this form of money laundering while ignoring the fact that while they rob this country of its resources to prop up regimes like the CCP and other despots, military veterans are sleeping rough on our streets because of lack of government funding to help them. I have written on this as well.

The pattern was repeated closer to home, with the criminal amounts spent by the Johnson Junta on the ludicrous test and trace system, useless Covid-19 tests, experimental vaccines, PPE and the Nightingale Hospitals, most of which were dismantled as soon as they were built. Those being enriched by this include pharmaceutical companies and Tory Party cronies.

This has been an exercise in taking public funding away from those who need it the most in our country and giving it to these various bad actors. This is called conspicuous consumption and it is a common practice in failed states.

KJ – No disagreement there; there is an unanswerable case for the immediate cessation of foreign aid. The UK simply can’t afford it and neither I suspect, can many other countries. Certainly not in the way it has been done up to now.

KH – I have always advocated for a small emergency fund to be kept by the government to help other countries who experience natural disasters like floods or need help after their countries have been devastated by war. But committing billions in the name of foreign aid, shovelling similar amounts to the UN as annual payments (another form of money laundering), for it to end up in the hands of despots, is not only immoral but unfair to Britons too. Unsurprisingly, the instructions for countries to earmark a vast amount of their budgets to foreign aid comes from the UN, where its dominating states are the ones who enrich themselves on this money.

KJ – A more down-to-earth example on money is having a home. We all know that in most western democracies it now costs far too much to have one, certainly in the UK. Rents have become absurd as have prices for those who buy. We are some way down the road now to the point where a 2-bed home will cost 2/3 billion to buy or a few million to rent. A loaf of bread will cost a few thousand pounds and the weekly shop anything up to a million or more. This doesn’t make sense, so again, is there not a case for having a reset of some kind? And if so, what should that actually look like and how do we get there?

KH – An impoverished population is one that is forced to rely on those who govern them for survival. It's also a compliant and obedient one. People who rely on the government for survival will have no choice but to turn themselves into obedient drones, if they want to survive.

Two years ago I wrote for TCW that the end game was to make energy, meat and travel unaffordable to the majority. I would add home ownership and other food to this now. The current inflation we are experiencing, a consequence of the Covid-19 and climate change agendas, has been done on purpose to achieve the Great Reset. The real reset we need can only be achieved if those who are inflicting this on us are somehow removed from power.

KJ – That needs people to get interested in politics though. We’ve seen increasing demonstrations around the world against the reset and their existing governments.

KHI agree. The one positive of the past two years is that people now are more interested in politics than ever before. I never understood those who said they found politics boring and didn't care about this. Politicians decide the minutia of our lives, we have to care and we have to keep calling them out when they get it wrong, as they always do.

KJ – Absolutely we do. ON the WEF website the term ‘The Great Reset’ is used with Schwab quoted as saying: “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world.”

Schwab has argued for many years that the systems we know are flawed, particularly financial systems. Does he have a point?

KH – No, he does not have a point. All humans are flawed and so any systems they invent will be flawed in some way. But a free, democratic, capitalist way of life has been the best for humanity, lifting billions out of poverty and enabling them to live a meaningful life. It's not been a perfect system but it's far better than socialism and fascism, of which we now have a hybrid being implemented in the West. Covid-19 was epidemic, and not a pandemic, the figures show this. The world's population has increased in the past two years, which should negate the myth of Covid-19 being a pandemic. The virus has provided a gateway to implement the socialist and fascist agendas of those who govern the UN/WEF/GF/CCP.

As I have written before, green technology is an interesting development but it has to be affordable for the majority. That it is not – look at the cost of electric cars – shows that whichever new reset these monsters have in mind for us will harm the majority and benefit only the elite, including themselves. The Great Reset is in progress and millions are already suffering from its great harms.

KJ – Again on the WEF website, the following phrase is used: ‘The COVID-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it caused is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision making.’

My view and again referring back to my earlier remark about things having moved on a little, is that it is not COVID-19 that has changed things. It is government response to it that caused the problems we now see.

KH – I agree with you. I get very irritated when people blame Covid-19 for inflation, the loss of their livelihood, the lengthy NHS waitlists, and other hardships they are experiencing. It's not a bad flu virus which has caused this but the criminal response to it, which amounts to crimes against humanity.

KJ – I almost hate to carp on about it but do you want to use a different term to ‘a bad flu virus’? If we are to win this we absolutely must get our facts right. SARS-CoV-2 is a coronavirus (and there are thousands of coronaviruses) and it is the only one known to cause the disease COVID-19. Flu comes from a different set of viruses known as Orthomyxoviruses.

KH – Usually, I would agree with you about getting facts right. I always add in multiple references to the pieces I write, because I want to add facts and evidence to back up my opinions. But in the case of Covid- 19, as explained above, I want to normalise it and not make it unique.

KJ –We need better politicians; people who have led real lives. Had real jobs; had to pay their bills with real money and had real worries over keeping a roof over their heads.

KH – Indeed we do but these types of politicians are a rare breed now. Britain now shows aspects of a failed state, our democracy is in shreds and we are effectively a one-party state now too. We definitely need politicians who understand what it is like to struggle in real life and are too honourable to allow themselves to become corrupt. Until this happens people will continue to elect depraved, elitist lunatics to Parliament, in all parties. This is not helped by tribal voting, for example, some people say 'my parents voted for Labour and that's why I vote for them too'.

KJ – Do we have them? Can we find these people and persuade them that they ought to take up the mantle?

KH - I think we do. We need to find people who truly love their country and humanity. I include immigrants like myself in the category of those who love this country, and there are many of us. Some of us grew up under totalitarian regimes. That is why we know the warning signs of totalitarianism, and we are frustrated, and saddened at the process of turning this once great country into an authoritarian state in the name of Agenda 2030.

KJ – Did you ever get a copy of my book, Comments of a Common Man (Edition 3)?

It was published in November 2019, right before the onset of COVID-19 and we have both written of these things and sounded the same warnings. Granted I used different terminology and examples to the more blunt commentary you have rightly made but I think we are essentially coming from the same place on most of the issues we face today.

KH I haven't got a copy but hope to get one and read it when I have time/energy. I know that you and I are aligned on many aspects, bar a few quibbles.

KJ – We are indeed. As to quibbles, life would be very boring if everybody agreed with everybody else. But I think too many have forgotten that we need to disagree on some aspects to things generally and to actually talk to each other (rather than shutting others down or ‘cancelling’ them) if we are to find the right solutions.

Karen, thank you.

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