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Taxing the Future

September 13, 2021

Much of the attention surrounding Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s announcement on Sunday has been over the supposed cancellation of the so-called ‘vaccine passports’. Whilst this is undoubtedly a good thing, Mr Javid did not rule them out completely. In fact, these are still on the table and might well return at some stage.

See below for a larger version of these Conservative promises.

What has overshadowed this noteworthy point is the furore over tax rises and rises to National Insurance Contributions (NICs). That this is a bad move is indisputable and Mr Javid also said on Sunday there should be no new tax rises before the next election after a grassroots backlash over last week's tax raid. Conservative MPs returning from their constituencies report that many supporters have decried the move.

One MP is reported to have said a long-time Tory-voting constituent asked them “what are you going to do about our Prime Minister”, while another voter expressed fears the tax increase would drive support to Labour.

Labour of course, have an exemplary record of raising taxes and in a separate interview on Times Radio, Mr Javid appeared to call for the Government to consider new tax cuts and called for the overall tax burden - heading for a 70-year high - to fall.

That something needs to be done to improve care for the elderly is also beyond dispute – the full basic state pension is currently £137.60 a week, a pitiful sum for those unfortunate enough to receive this as their sole income after a lifetime of work, paying taxes and NICs. And those who have suggested that it is unfair for ‘the young’ to subsidise ‘the old’ are plain wrong – no other country treats its older members of society as badly as the UK, and as has been written on the pages of KJM Today before, barring an early passing (from whatever cause), every ‘cool young person’ will get old one day.

It is their own future the young of today are subsidising, not just those older than they are now.

As we also suggested last week, Boris Johnson had a golden opportunity as Prime Minister and he has blown it. Indeed something does need to be done but the socialist solution of raising taxes is not the way to do it.

© KJM Today 2021


Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in mourning last night after the death of his mother, aged 79.

Charlotte Johnson-Wahl died 'suddenly and peacefully', according to family members.

She passed away at a hospital in London on Monday. Her death was recorded in a notice placed by the Johnson family in the Times today.

We would like to extend our sincere condolences to the Prime Minister and his family.


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