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Our Future - Your Future

Kevan James

September 8, 2022

'You cannot legislate for everything. The state – its rule-makers, the ones we elect and give their jobs (and comfortable salaries) to – cannot micro-manage the society it is supposed to serve. If it does, or tries to, society is not free and becomes oppressed. Winston Churchill once said, ‘The more Laws there are, the more likely people are to break them.’

This is where we are today; and like sheep, we simply accept what we are spoon-fed by our Government. More laws compelling us not to do something (not saying what we can do…just what we can’t). We have become an oppressed people - we have become sheeple.

‘Everything is great! The Government has my best interests in mind!’

Sheeple – people who unquestioningly accept as true whatever their, often self-appointed, leaders say or people who adopt ‘popular’ opinion (usually based on screaming headlines and sensationalist articles in newspapers) as their own without scrutiny; people who don’t think for themselves.

Where does this end? Are we, now, today, seeing the death throes of real freedom? Or has it gone already?

Will we, one day soon, wake up at the time we are told to; eat the breakfast that we are told to eat; go to work using the method of public transport we are told to since we’re not allowed to have our own cars; do the job that we are told to; have the lunch we are told to at the time we are told to; go back to the same job we are given by the state before ending our day at the time we are told to; returning to the home we are told to live in by the state; doing the leisure activity we are told to have and for the amount of time we are told to; before eating the last meal of the day we are told eat (and like lunch and breakfast, eating the food the state says we will eat); watching the TV we are told to; going to bed when we are told to; not having sex when we both feel horny and want to because its forbidden except when the state decrees which night we are allowed to do it…before going to sleep for the regulated amount of time and then repeating this procedure the next day and every day of every week of every year of every decade of life and for the entire duration of it.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones! Stop! Tonight is not your night for officially sanctioned copulation! Mr. Jones! Withdraw immediately and take your anti-erection tablet! You are not permitted to have sex until next month on Thursday the twelfth!”

The booming voice echoes from the state home communication system, demanding an instant end to the unmentionable act, viewed via the state home surveillance system by some anonymous state official whose state-empowered task it is to supervise Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Once we have had our regulated act of love and produced the regulated one child permitted as there is no room to have more than one, it will be removed from us at birth and taken to a secure state education establishment where it will be taught how to live properly and grow up free of any danger of being abused by an adult – when your child reaches eighteen and is then an adult he or she will be sent back to you. This is how the state education system will work because child protection is paramount and all adults are abusers.

Without exception - including the new one who just got sent home.

This is how we will live. Until we reach the age at which we are no longer considered to be a useful member of society as we are too old and infirm and are thus euthanized to make room for somebody else. In the Movie Logan’s Run the age of state killing is thirty years of age. Get to thirty and that’s your lot; there is not enough food, there are not enough places for people to live so at thirty, the state euthanizes you as it doesn’t want old people around.

Don’t be daft! It will never happen.'

The above is an extract from my book, Comments of a Common Man, first published in 2017, updated in 2018 and the third edition in September 2019.

I was derided by some for saying the above. However...was I wrong with the predictions and statements I made? What happened six months after the third edition was published would seem to suggest no - I was right. We aren't quite there yet, but it would seem we are now well on that road, unlike 2017, 2018 and 2019, when I wrote the book. Or at least as unlike as we appeared to be.

Just two years on, we have seen how easily ordinary people can be dragooned into a specific government-led way of thinking and behaving, not just in the UK but right round the world. We have seen how governments can easily imprison us in our homes, dictating when we can go out, where we can go, what we can buy. We have seen the old abandoned and left to die. Actually that's been routine in the UK for some time - as I wrote elsewhere in the book.

As I also wrote elsewhere in my book, governments indulged in campaigns of fear to gain additional control over the population. I wrote that three things had been used to exercise greater control. The first was and is Terrorism or the threat of it. The second was and remains Child Protection. And the third was and is still, now even more marked...Health.

Another prediction I made was the rise of a huge army, an army of unimaginable numbers - of homeless people. All homeless because they could no longer afford to have a home.

And here in the UK, we now see huge rises in the cost of buying a home and equally huge rises in rents - unaffordable to increasing numbers of ordinary people. And yet more - we now are faced with unimaginable and unpayable increases in the cost of heat and light, of power for our internet devices, upon which we now rely almost totally. We see energy costs for businesses that will rise from the thousands annually to multiples of hundreds of thousands; energy costs that will see many of those businesses close for good.

And I also wrote of the state education system - how it is the only organisation that has all-day, everyday access to children and spends that time putting information into them. I wrote of the UK's NHS and how it fails to provide real healthcare. I wrote of the kind of people who become politicians and thus our so-called 'leaders'.

I wrote of the Human Rights Act, and how it was designed to prevent ordinary people from being abused by their governments.

Was I wrong? Were my critics right when they scorned my words, my warnings? Only those who have read my book can offer an opinion. But we now can even see some governments seizing farms from people, in order to modify what we eat. When Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwean government seized farms, there was worldwide condemnation. Where is that condemnation now?

You can still find copies of Comments of a Common Man Edition 3, if you are of a mind to. If you aren't, don't be surprised at what may come next. On the other hand, try it. Find a copy, buy it, read it, then decide for yourself.

What kind of future do you want? For you, your children and grandchildren.

© Kevan James 2022.
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