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Lost Morals of an Out-Of-Touch Organisation

UK Today Home Page Opinion

November 2, 2021

News that the British Medical Association (the BMA) has called a ‘strike ballot’ among its members is not really a surprise. Despite the growing clamour for GPs to recommence face-to-face consultations with patients, far too many doctors are still refusing to do so.

To be fair, many GPs are indeed seeing patients again – but not enough. Led by the BMA, too many still seem to think of patients as an inconvenience, not as people in pain who need help.

Being a GP is hard work, with long hours and a heavy workload. There is no doubt about that. To be a good GP needs dedication and commitment. It seems that too many doctors now lack both and certainly the BMA lacks all the qualities needed to be involved in healthcare.

This wretched organisation and those involved in running it are causing harm to people’s health. It has lost all sight of what its purpose should be, of what it means to help people and its actions reveal a highly disturbing lack of morals

The sooner the country is rid of it the better.

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Image - Sky News


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