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Johnson’s now hopefully irreversible roadmap

April 6, 2021.

We note with interest that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘irreversible road map’ has, in light of his statement yesterday, now become not absolute but merely hopeful. As he put it himself,

“…we hope together to make this roadmap to freedom irreversible.”

So from being simply irreversible, the PM is now being only hopeful. And placing the responsibility for the roadmap’s success or failure squarely on the shoulders of the population – with, it would seem, none borne by the PM himself, or the government he leads along with ‘The Science’.

One should note here, that ‘The Science’ has not only been shown to have been profoundly wrong in every respect over the spread of Covid-19 but has also been demonstrably dishonest with its pronouncements.

While the PM seems only to hope, we are still being bombarded with ever-gloomier predictions by SAGE. And there seems to be no end-date to the hideous spectre of covered faces; the dehumanising of society goes on, with Education Secretary Gavin Williamson intimating that children will still be forced to carry on wearing health-threatening face coverings all day every day at school (as well as being forced to use them to and from school on public transport).

The government changes its mind with monotonous regularity, to and beyond the point where its competence (and that of ‘The Science’) must be questioned. It is one thing to be strong enough – and honest enough – to alter decisions and thus course and direction when faced with facts. But the only real fact is that ‘the facts’ are disputed by various groups of highly qualified scientists and medical experts. They cannot therefore be held as ‘facts’.

As we have consistently said, Covid-19 is not a hoax. It is real and it presents a clear danger to our health. But, again as we have said, the answers are not the undemocratic and oppressive subjugation of a once-free people. The answers are with clear, indisputable, calmly presented and properly thought-out plans to live with and handle a virus that cannot be eradicated, SARS-CoV-2, and the disease, Covid-19 that might result from it, a disease that, by itself and of itself, has been shown not to kill.

And another thing…

One of the most abhorrent ideas is that of health passports, covid certificates or vaccine passes – whatever name one cares to give them – for use within the UK.

The very idea is so wretched, so starkly reminiscent of life under dictatorship, so utterly alien to the British way of life it is frankly unbelievable that any Conservative party member could support it, never mind a Conservative government or Member of Parliament.

That some kind of vaccine certificate will be needed to travel to many other countries is, by itself alone, not unusual. Such things have been in place for many years, regardless of how infrequently they may have been used or needed in recent years. There is little we can do about that aspect.

But the very idea of being required to show some sort of health ID to access numerous parts of ordinary life within our own country must not only be resisted, but any government member, any member of parliament (regardless of party), who supports it, votes for it or facilitates in in any way, shape or form, must be removed from office and never allowed near any position of authority and responsibility ever again.

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