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Open Up As Promised

May 25, 2021.

One of Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer’s criticisms of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government, is that they continue to send out confusing messages regarding COVID-19. Mr Starmer has a point.

For much of Autumn and throughout the Winter we were promised that the vaccine would be our salvation, that by effectively rolling it out nationwide, we would see an end to draconian restrictions; an end to being imprisoned in our own homes; shops and businesses free to trade as they used to; we could go on holiday or otherwise travel as we wish.

So here we are, with the vaccine programme rollout leading the world where heavily populated countries are concerned. Yet still we are bombarded with doom by so-called scientists, who continually demand ever-more stringent lockdowns and an apparently never-ending curtailment of freedom. And meekly going along with them are too many members of what is supposed to be a Conservative government.

Who are these scientists? Some have been exposed by other news sources as being left-wing enthusiasts so it is no surprise they favour total state control. Allied to a well-entrenched body of medical opinion that wants to see state control over the citizen, these are essentially bullies who are blind to anything except their own ideas and ideology.

The United Kingdom needs politicians who have the backbone and courage to stand up to these purveyors of a dull, featureless, joyless and impoverished country, starting with the Prime Minister himself. Boris Johnson must keep his word, keep his Health Secretary quiet (or sack him and appoint a new one) and end all talk of ‘new freedoms’.

They are not ‘new’ – they are our long-established freedoms and we want them back. Either the PM reopens the country in full and keeps it that way with never a return to the stiflingly undemocratic concept of lockdowns, or the people of the UK will not forgive him.

© KJM Today 2021.

Image - Gary Campbell-Hall


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