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Home Page Opinion: Power to Their Heads

January 25, 2021.

Professor Klaus Schwab is the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and in May 2020 unveiled The Great Reset, a proposal by the WEF to rebuild the economy sustainably following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schwab’s proposal has led to numerous theories surrounding secret deals and conspiracies to impose a new world order using the COVID-19 pandemic as a cover. The theories include COVID-19 being a hoax. We will be looking into the WEF’s proposal in more detail at a later date but for now, let us stay with facts. The Great Reset is a proposal, nothing more. It has been enthused over by some world leaders but to date, it still remains a proposal.

Regarding conspiracies, between whom? There is no hard evidence to prove the existence of such a conspiracy although we all know that big, global corporations (including vaccine manufacturers) do not like competition very much as it lowers their profits. Most businesses will naturally adopt a similar stance and would cheerfully remove any competitor simply to corner their market.

Countries also compete with each other in a number of ways, not least in trade and the goods they produce, and their Prime Ministers and Presidents (however they came to hold their positions) even more so. All want to be ‘top dog’ as it were. That there are some leaders firmly in the pocket of somebody pulling their strings has also been proven in the past but it is unlikely to be the case with most Western democracies, including the UK. It may be more possible with unelected power-brokers such as some of those found within certain EU circles. But we can realistically rule it out for the United Kingdom and most other more advanced nations with elected governments. What we can say is that, given the egos of a number of world leaders, those most likely to become a candidate for any ‘World Presidency’ would be too busy competing with each other (in other words, arguing about it) to forge any kind of understanding or become involved in a conspiracy.

However, virtually all the world’s leaders have a number of factors in common. Big egos are of course one, but chief among these factors are little or no experience of the real lives led by real and ordinary people – those they wish to lead or are leading. And it is here we find the root of today’s questions and the key to the way in which the COVID-19 pandemic has and is being handled.

Firstly, COVID-19 is not a hoax. It is a disease that can result from contracting a coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, one of seven that is known to infect humans. COVID-19 can then trigger or exacerbate any number of other ailments which can then lead to death. SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 are also relatively new, hence the term ‘Novel Coronavirus’ when it first emerged. This term is also why the word ‘coronavirus’ has consistently been misused and over-used to describe COVID-19.

This misuse is one example of how life-inexperienced politicians have reacted to something they have no prior knowledge of. Just as they react in a ‘knee-jerk’ way to many other things, they have reacted in a way that has had unintended consequences. Perhaps well-meant to begin with, as the saying nevertheless goes, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’.

This is where we are now. Not just in the UK but almost everywhere, a lack of experience and knowledge has led to politicians being desperate to ‘be seen to be doing something’ and has resulted in ill-thought measures that are also the easy path. Governments have given themselves extra power without going through the usual democratic processes and human nature being what it is these powers have gone to their heads. They have indeed taken the easy path and chosen to remove freedoms ordinary people have enjoyed for many decades, rather than face the more difficult decisions. Slogans, strap-lines and fear-inducing advertising have replaced real thought – and thought only comes with experience of living and working as real people do.

And Another Thing…

We see Chelsea Football Club have sacked another manager. Owned by somebody who cannot in any way be described as ordinary, the club has become unable to accept that it is not their divine right to win games and be top dog. So they get rid of yet another manager (or head coach if you like) rather than facing facts and accepting they cannot always win. Those running the club have taken that easy path once more.

Image - © Hp.Baumeler


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