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Lost Morals Part Two

Tuesday November 9, 2021

UK Today

Over recent weeks two items have been in the headlines; the first is the case of Claudia Webbe MP, who now sits as an Independent having been expelled from the Labour Party following her conviction and subsequent prison sentence – albeit suspended.

The second is the case of Owen Paterson, now a former MP as he has resigned his seat, after being found guilty of misusing his position as an MP to lobby the government on behalf of companies he was being paid by.

That we have had further examples of misconduct by sitting MPs is an indictment on the standards of today. Whatever the ins and outs of the two cases, it is nothing new that MPs have been found to have behaved badly – there have always been examples of this but in today’s world, and by today’s standards, we are bound to ask; do people never learn?

The United Kingdom has a parliament that has been described as The Mother of All Parliaments, and with justification. But if one is going to be an MP, then one must attain and maintain the highest standards of behaviour.

Anything else is simply not acceptable.

Further insights can be found on our News Commentary pages.

Image - PA Media

Airlines and Airports Today

The reopening of the United States of America to international travel is indeed welcome but comes with a rather important caveat; it is open only to those who have had both shots of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Although there are numerous doubts over the safety and efficiency of the available vaccines, it is of course up to individual countries to set their own conditions of entry. However, since the air travel industry has been brought to its knees by government response to COVID-19 worldwide, with huge job losses, one expects the UK government to do everything it can to help the recovery.

What then, do they think they are doing by announcing that travel abroad may now be dependent on people having a third jab – a ‘booster’?

From the very start of vaccine development, a once-free people were promised that vaccines were the route back to normality. Yet one jab was not enough, two jabs are not enough; now it is three jabs. When will this end?

Or will it ever end?

Image - Kevan James

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