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Greyhounds' Business Class Birthday

Ben Anderson

October 6, 2021

An Australian rescue dog has been afforded a treat unavailable to many humans after he was upgraded to business class by Singapore Airlines on a flight to Italy. Melbourne greyhound Lewis got to experience the high life on board when his owner moved to Florence.

Image - Greyt Greys Rescue/Facebook

Though he was originally booked to travel in the cargo hold, an almost full flight meant Lewis was bumped up to business class with his owner, according to animal charity Greyt Greys Rescue.

“Lewis made himself at home and was fine for the flights! No crying and no accidents,” the charity posted on Facebook.

“The flight crew said he was the best dog they've EVER had including fully trained service dogs. Lewis celebrated his birthday on the plane and was totally spoiled by the staff.”

Lewis enjoys a high-flying birthday

Image - Greyt Greys Rescue/Facebook

Lewis was allowed into the business class cabin because "His presence would help to abate his owner's additional stress from travelling during a global pandemic,"

said a Singapore Airlines spokesperson and Facebook users were quick to heap praise on Lewis’ good behaviour and Singapore Airline’s love of animals.

“Business class is where any flying greyhound deserves to be,” wrote on commentator.

“Thank you Singapore Airlines for showing such sensibility — it’s a rare quality these days,” wrote another.

Despite restrictions still being imposed within the country, more Australians (and their dogs) are expected to be able to fly internationally when an 80 per cent double-dose COVID-19 vaccination coverage for people aged 16 and over is reached. A shift from hotels to home quarantine will be the trigger for a major overhaul of international travel, with the new system expected to start in November. Fully immunised Australians will be allowed to quarantine in homes for a week provided they have received approved vaccines.

That will include AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, along with China's Sinovac and Covishield produced in India.

Image - Singapore Airlines

© Ben Anderson / Perth Now

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