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From Where Do We Find A Political Arsonist?

The Northern Variant

September 16, 2023.

Just out of morbid curiosity I'd like to see Labour win the next election. It will be fun to see Starmer attempt to assert his limited personal authority on circumstances which are unlikely to cooperate.

His asylum plan is already dead in the water, I don't see that there's much he can do to bring us closer into the EU's orbit. Sunak has beaten him to it. The most Starmer can do is liberalise work/study visas with the EU, which will go a long way to pacify Labour's remainer middle class academia vote, but it that's as far as it goes.

The real comedy comes when Ed Miliband becomes energy minister, and finds that no amount of subsidy can revive the lame duck wind industry. Nobody will be remotely surprised when energy bills don't come down. The Guardian seems to think Labour will be able to enact a number of social and welfare policies but there's no money in the kitty for that - nor is there any new money to revive DFID and the NGOcracy/IntDev blob. Pretty soon his own party will be chuntering, asking what Starmer is actually for, and if he will ever get round to doing something useful.

In all probability Starmer will be just as hamstrung by the civil service who practically exist to prevent meaningful change of any kind. I don't see Starmer usefully affecting the housing crisis, nor is he in a position to command the water industry to spend money it doesn't thave. He'll come up short on every one of his campaigning themes. He won't be able to keep his centrists happy and he'll struggle to contain the wokesters on the left. Pretty soon Labour will be fighting like rats in a sack. Labour has nothing to offer.

All the people in Labour who are known to the public are famous for all the wrong reasons. Yvette Cooper, Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbott, Clive Lewis, Ed Miliband. Virtue signalling, aloof and comically stupid. Rachel Reeves has all the charisma of a wet kitchen towel, Hilary Benn is loathsome and David Lammy is a prize shit. The party has no redeeming qualities and its new intake promises to be even lower grade - just when we thought that was a physical impossibility.

Both the Westminster parties are on a sticky wicket. They can win office but they cannot exert power - even if they knew what to do with it. They're intellectually and ideologically spent. They've reached for the Net Zero crapola because they honestly don't know what else to do. They've forgotten what they are for.

Were I in power I would end the dinghy crisis, scrap the ECHR, build SMRs on a war footing, decommission every windmill in the land and sea, double up on immigration enforcement officers, reverse devolution, restore polytechnics, sack half the Lords, deregulate North sea gas and oil, get fracking, scrap the ban on ICEs, abandon heat pumps, defund the BBC and the NGOcracy, invest heavily in domestic food production and scrap the idiotic EU veterinary system.

There's plenty to be getting on with along with a major constitutional overhaul involving more referendums. Basically, more democracy and cheap energy. But that's not how the uniparty rolls. We are instead condemned to "lead the world" in deindustrialisation and declining living standards. We're to be disenfranchised by the removal of choice. Every last aspect of our lives must be measured, subsidised, regulated and surveilled. The idea of just giving people the freedom to live their lives and live well is anathema to them.

There are some parties offering economic freedom over eco-serfdom, but nobody believes they can win, and they don't exactly inspire. We need an Eric Zemmour but we've got Richard Tice, with all the dynamism and intellectual agility of a dead badger. All the parties currently in the limelight are bed blockers. There's no value in them existing, but they won't let anything else see the light. All I know for sure is that nature abhors a vacuum. Political vacuums especially.

I'm very far from alone in my sense of political disenfranchisement. There is a yearning for politicas of substance and vitality, and if the public can't get it from mainstream politics, they will seek it elsewhere. Something is brewing. I feel it in my bones. The political deadbeats won't survive it. Circumstances now demand change. Politics works a lot like markets. The longer you attempt to prevent a market correction, the bigger the implosion when it happens. The entire establishment is geared to preventing a market correction in politics. Not just here in the UK but in every European country.

But the genie won't go back in the box. The more they double down on Net Zero and all the authoritarian intrusions, the more kindling they pile on. What we need is a political arsonist to get the wildfires going.

© The Northern Variant 2023.
Image - Len Williams


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