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Freedom Day – Or Is It?

March 29, 2021

As March comes to an end and spring beckons, along with the generally more equable weather this time of year brings, we enter the first phase of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown and head, as he put it, ‘irreversibly’ towards regaining our liberties.

And the clocks have changed, bringing longer daylight hours, thus making, again in a general sense, everybody a little happier.

Today, Monday March 29, 2021, has been labelled by some in the UK as ‘Freedom Day’.

Is it?

We hate to sound a note of caution but the UK government has a rather unenviable record of changing its mind. The PM, health secretary Matt Hancock and other government ministers have continually parroted the line that they are following ‘The Science’ - they will adhere to data, not dates.

Yet both the science and the data have been shown to have been fundamentally flawed from the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both have been based on distortions that show only worst-case scenarios and these have been used as the sole arbiter to decide on what course of action to take and to the exclusion of any other.

With the wholly unjustifiable extension of the Coronavirus Act by a majority of members of the House of Commons last week (and due credit to those who voted against), that act now runs until the onset of autumn. With other countries going back into lockdowns or never having come out of them, as sure as night follows day, we in the UK have not seen the end of the loss of our freedom and liberty.

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