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Fit For Purpose?

August 10, 2021

With news coming over the past few days that a rift has apparently broken out between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Chancellor Rishi Sunak, along with further rumours surrounding the prospect of a reshuffle seeing Home Secretary Priti Patel replaced by Michael Gove – a move she is said to resist, and Gove now apparently an ally of Johnson when he has been far from that previously – the British public can once again ask themselves:

‘Are we EVER going to have a government made up of Members of Parliament (MPs) who actually work together, rather than spending their time bickering and plotting against each other, failing to run the country and further failing, abysmally so, to represent us, the people, the ones who gave them their well-paid jobs and who pay their salaries?’

The same questions have been asked for a lifetime, year after year, interminably so in fact. Why is it that the United Kingdom seems unable to produce genuinely talented people who can become politicians of substance, who are willing to serve the people?

We had them at one time. Not however, anymore and not for what is now decades. The present government deserve to be criticised for the shambolic way it blunders about, with the only consistency being its inconsistency. Confusing and mixed messages over everything seem to be its modus operandi.

Yet there appears to be no alternative anywhere else. If the Conservatives are a shambles, Labour is a complete and utter mess of a party, not even a shadow of the once-great movement it was. A similar sentiment applies to the Liberal Democrats.

It has been said that the UK needs at least one new political party but we strongly doubt whether a new party can become strong enough, well-funded enough, well-organised enough to develop a comprehensive set of policies, able to field 650 candidates in every constituency across the land and most importantly, well trusted enough, to win the next general election.

So what do we do? This is a question that we here at KJM Today will be looking at in some detail over the coming months, because the only certainty currently is that far too many existing Members of Parliament are not fit for office. It follows therefore, that whichever party has the most MPs, none can form a government that is fit for purpose.

© KJM Today, 2021

Image - Jessica Taylor

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