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A Prediction

Much is made these days of George Orwell's book 1984 (along with others of a similar nature). These works are fiction and are often dismissed as such, along with the phrase;

"It will never happen."

My book Comments of a Common Man was originally published in 2017, again in 2018 and the third edition in November 2019. Right before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many have suggested that, like Orwell's book, COVID-19 is also fiction. Whether it is or not, my book deals with fact, not fiction, covers life in the UK and since March 2020, seems now to be somewhat prescient. It is not for me to claim the ability to see into the future but keeping mind I originally wrote it in 2017, the following extract could well have relevance to where we in the UK are now, in mid-2021.

Oh, and by the way, I posted this extract on Facebook in 2017 and had the same reaction;

Don’t be daft! It will never happen.

Extract from Chapter 1: 'Risk'.

'Will we, one day soon, wake up at the time we are told to;

eat the breakfast that we are told to eat; go to work using the method of public transport we are told to since we’re not allowed to have our own cars;

do the job that we are told to; have the lunch we are told to at the time we are told to;

go back to the same job we are given by the state before ending our day at the time we are told to;

returning to the home we are told to live in by the state; doing the leisure activity we are told to have and for the amount of time we are told to;

before eating the last meal of the day we are told eat; watching the TV we are told to;

going to bed when we are told to; not having sex when we both feel horny and want to because its forbidden except when the state decrees which night we are allowed to do it…before going to sleep for the regulated amount of time and then repeating this procedure the next day and every day of every week of every year of every decade of life and for the entire duration of it.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones! Stop! Tonight is not your night for officially sanctioned copulation! Mr. Jones! Withdraw immediately and take your anti-erection tablet! You are not permitted to have sex until next month on Thursday the twelfth!”

The booming voice echoes from the state home communication system, demanding an instant end to the unmentionable act, viewed via the state home surveillance system by some anonymous state official whose state-empowered task it is to supervise Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

Once we have had our regulated act of love and produced the regulated one child permitted as there is no room to have more than one, it will be removed from us at birth and taken to a secure state education establishment where it will be taught how to live properly and grow up free of any danger of being abused by an adult – when your child reaches eighteen and is then an adult he or she will be sent back to you. This is how the state education system will work because child protection is paramount and all adults are abusers.

Without exception - including the new one who just got sent home.

This is how we will live. Until we reach the age at which we are no longer considered to be a useful member of society as we are too old and infirm and are thus euthanized to make room for somebody else. In the Movie Logan’s Run the age of state killing is thirty years of age. Get to thirty and that’s your lot; there is not enough food, there are not enough places for people to live so at thirty, the state euthanizes you as it doesn’t want old people around.

Don’t be daft! It will never happen.

It already is. Granted in a less extreme form – so far – but the thin end of these particular wedges have already been inserted, and rather subtly in most cases, into our lives. The state has started telling us what to eat, when and how much. The state has already started telling people what kind of home they are allowed to live in and all too frequently, tells us what kind of life we must lead.

Logan’s Run is coming - and it’s coming right around the corner at you.'

© Kevan James 2017-2019

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