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15 Questions the Prime Minister Should Answer

As a freelance journalist (and with a national press ID card to prove it), although I do not have any particular privileges, I (like every person in the UK) do have the right to ask those who hold high office, questions as to their policies, actions and conduct. I have sent these questions by email to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. I will let you know if they are answered.

Prime Minister;

1) Why do you persist in using the word 'coronavirus' when there are seven of these known to infect humans (including three that can result in the common cold), instead of the correct name for the disease that can result from only one coronavirus, which is COVID-19?

2) Why are you using COVID-19 as a reason for appearing to want to destroy our way of life?

3) Why have you given yourself huge extra powers without parliamentary scrutiny and when will you repeal the Coronavirus Act?

4) To increasing numbers of people, the letters 'NHS' now stand for 'No Hope Service'. Hospitals are not being 'overwhelmed' any more than they suggest they are every winter, and people with other illnesses are not being referred, diagnosed and treated. Many will die as a result - far more than will have passed away due to the effects of COVID-19. What have you to to say to those who have lost loved ones and friends because of untreated conditions not associated with COVID-19?

5) Why are so many GP practices still not open for face-to-face consultations?

6) Why have you allowed the NHS to abandon and betray the people it is supposed to protect?

7) Why are you not saying to people, 'This is our advice, it is up to you to make your own decisions'?

8) Why are you so reliant on 'Scientific advice' that has been shown to be seriously flawed?

9) What will your government do over the next four years to put right the damage done to the freedoms and rights of the British people, as well as the economic damage?

10) Do you not think that your present course of action opens the door to Labour at the next general election?

11) You began your term of office well. You generated a huge amount of goodwill. Yet you are now fast losing the goodwill and support of many people. What do you say to those people, many of whom are saying they will never vote either for you or the Conservatives again?

12) As well as losing faith in you, many people have lost faith in a number of your ministers. Are you going to replace these ministers and if so, when?

13) You have suffered from COVID-19. Are you now completely fit and well and do you think your own experience has clouded your judgement in any way?

14) Have you read my open letter to you, published in my column on KJM Today? If not, will you do so and reply?

15) Have you read my book, Comments of a Common Man Edition 3?

If not, perhaps you should - at £9.99, on the salary the British taxpayer pays you, you can afford it.

Prime Minister, thank you.

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