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Heathrow Provides the Government with COVID Testing Data

Heathrow has trialled three rapid point of care testing solutions on colleagues to understand how these tests might be quickly conducted outside of a laboratory

Findings are being shared with Government as it considers how testing could be used to get aviation off the ground, whilst protecting public health

Findings will complement the Government’s own learnings about usability of rapid point of care tests as it will strengthen the research being done in this area by trialling alternative suppliers

These testing trials are in addition to Heathrow’s already proposed inbound testing facility in partnership with Collinson and Swissport

The airport monitored the various sample collection methods and result times to determine the most efficient and user-friendly rapid testing method – which could be used to support recovery across sectors

Heathrow’s workforce has stepped up and taken part in three rapid point of care COVID testing trials, doing their bit to get aviation back flying again. The findings from the trials are being evaluated and will be shared with Government as Ministers consider how testing could provide a safe alternative to blanket quarantine in certain circumstances.

The long-term aim of the trial is to understand whether these tests could be quickly and efficiently conducted on large numbers of people outside of a laboratory setting and to ensure they are accurate enough to be delivered in an airport environment. The trials evaluate three different testing methods for accuracy, user experience and practicality outside of a lab environment. These trials sit alongside Heathrow’s capability to test passengers on arrival with a Swissport and Collinson site ready to swing into action, again after final decisions from Government have been given.