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American and Jet Blue's partnership

Writing for Forbes, Ted Reed reports that while international travel is slumping, American Airlines and new partner JetBlue both see the potential for growth, especially at New York Kennedy International Airport. Despite the partnership, they will even compete on JFK-London service. Last month, the two carriers announced a codeshare and frequent flier partnership. American says the deal will enable it to build JFK international service to about two dozen daily departures by 2025 (image - Kevan James).

“We envision a world in which there are as many as 20 to 25 [international] flights that are flying in New York by the middle of this decade,” Vasu Raja, American’s chief revenue officer, said on July 24.

JetBlue still plans to begin JFK-London service in 2021, even though American’s crown jewels include near-hourly JFK-London Heathrow service with joint venture partner British Airways. “The deal does not change our plans to disrupt the transatlantic market with JetBlue’s low fares and great service,” JetBlue said in announcing the deal to employees (The route between Heathrow and JFK has long been the busiest for the London airport - KJMT).

Aviation consultant Bob Mann calls JetBlue’s plan “a fool’s errand,” given expected low international demand. A better course, he said, would be “to artfully dawdle out of doing anything for two years,” even if regulators want competition between American and JetBlue to continue.

(Tyler McDowell)

JetBlue also plans to offer international flights from LAX by 2025, President Joanna Geraghty said on the carrier’s July earnings call, although the American partnership does not include LAX. JetBlue would likely add Caribbean and Latin American markets it already serves from the East Coast. The planning indicates that American and JetBlue are both looking far beyond the corona