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Home Page Opinion - Breaking Free or Breaking Freedom?

With the lockdown finally easing, an opportunity for life to start to return to normality now beckons. Except of course, this has been put in jeopardy firstly by the unthinking behaviour of significant numbers of people cramming themselves onto beaches during the recent hot weather, and secondly by equally significant numbers rioting and indulging in criminal acts of theft and vandalism.

Covid-19 may not be the ruthless killer it has been made out to be - that has become very clear in recent weeks but it is still very contagious and can lead to other conditions that are fatal. Yet all those who have been thronging the seaside and smashing up town centres are not only risking themselves and others but they are also putting at risk the chances of economic recovery.

KJM Today will always support the rights of people to go about their lawful, daily business without undue interference from the state and its agencies and yes, that includes the right to head for a beach when the sun shines and the right to protest and demonstrate. However, we must also not just ask but demand that people use their common sense and respect the rights and property of others.

It doesn't seem unreasonable in a society that likes to describe itself as civilised.

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