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Business Travel: Rebuilding the Corporate Sector

Much of the publicity surrounding air travel usually covers leisure and low-fare airlines, holiday hot-spots and taking a break somewhere. This is also where the biggest discounts are usually found, at least those accessible to the general public. Booking well in advance, and usually online gets the best fares for many but vacation fares are not where many airlines make their money. Outside the LCC arena, corporate and business travel has been the life-blood of most airlines. The Blue Swan Daily looks at the future of business travel.

(image - Kevan James)

Slowly but surely, countries across the world have started opening up borders and business travellers are starting to emerge out of lockdown. Companies around the world may have started to look at comprehensive solutions to rebuild traveller confidence but for many of them, “the uncertainly of the corporate travel landscape continues to linger at the back of their minds,” says FCM Travel Solutions, a global provider of travel management services.

But as we return to travel, what are the important issue to consider? Like the rest of the world, corporate travel managers are finding themselves in a new normal with vastly different issues to consider as they gradually feel their way through the myriad of information about what effect the pandemic has had and will continue to have on business travel. They may not have been doing much flight booking recently but a lot of their time has been taken up repatriating staff from around the world. Stepping carefully through all the details of each country as they gradually open up, discover what flights are still operating and keeping staff safe in the meantime takes time and energy.

Kevan James

As the world gradually lifts lockdown restrictions, it is generally agreed that leisure travel will resume much earlier than business travel with signs of recovery already being seen in many areas. But due to the travel restrictions in place for so many weeks, the pandemic has demonstrated to a lot of companies that much travel can be replaced by video conferencing, leading travel managers to predict that a lot of international travel will be deferred until 2021.

FCM Travel Solutions highlighted in its recent ‘Represe