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Not the Big Win anti-airport protesters think

The judgement from the Court of Appeal last Thursday was hailed as a great victory by those opposed to aviation and to expansion at London Heathrow in particular. It was also widely covered by mainstream media in the UK as leaving the new runway plan in ruins.

The truth is that this is not so.

All the court did was to rule that the government's Airports National Policy Statement did not specifically cover carbon targets set out in the Paris Agreement, to which the government had agreed.

As Parmjit Dhanda, of the Back Heathrow campaign group, points out in his statement below, the court did not rule that any other aspect of the expansion plan was illegal.

The hysteria over aviation and what appears to be a determined attack on air transport, aimed at closing down the industry completely, is beginning to border on the absurd. Nobody of sound mind will doubt that humanity must, at some point in the near future, stop putting toxicity into the atmosphere. But preventing people and goods, including food and medicines, from travelling by air is not the way to do it.

Statement from Parmjit Dhanda, Back Heathrow

The Court judgement was in no way the doom and gloom that the media and opposition would have us believe. It d