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Aviation: London Airports Update November 2019

All information courtesy of Jim Liu –

Vueling schedules A Coruna – London service to late-March 2020

Vueling in summer 2020 appears to be discontinuing A Coruna – London Heathrow route, as the airline filed service up to 28MAR20. This route is operated by Airbus A320 aircraft on daily basis. VY7104 LCG1820 – 1925LHR 320 D VY7105 LHR2025 – 2325LCG 320 D

British Airways July - Oct 2020 Tokyo Narita aircraft changes

British Airways in the second-half of summer 2020 season plans to increase capacity on London Heathrow – Tokyo Nartia route, reflected in previous week’s schedule update. From 01JUL20 to 24OCT20, the oneWorld carrier plans to operate Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, replacing 787-9. First Class cabin on this route is sold as Business Class.

BA005 LHR1540 – 1110+1NRT 777 D BA006 NRT1255 – 1720LHR 777 D

EDIT as of 06NOV19: BA has further modifed planned operational aircraft. The 777 is now scheduled to operate from 10JUL20 to 13AUG20.

Air Transat S20 London Gatwick service changes

Air Transat in summer 2020 season is adjusting service to London Gatwick, as the airline moves operational frequency from Western Canada to Eastern Canada. Planned changes from 01MAY20 as follows. Calgary – London Gatwick 3 weekly service cancelled in summer 2020

Montreal – London Gatwick Increase from 3 to 5 weekly, A321neo LR operating

TS676 YUL2120 – 0905+1LGW 32Q 6 TS738 YUL2215 – 0950+1LGW 32Q 3 TS728 YUL2215 – 0950+1LGW 32Q 1 TS748 YUL2225 – 1000+1LGW 32Q 5 TS176 YUL2245 – 1030+1LGW 32Q 2 TS677 LGW1035 – 1305YUL 32Q 7 TS729 LGW1130 – 1410YUL 32Q 2 TS739 LGW1130 – 1410YUL 32Q 4 TS177 LGW1210 – 1440YUL 32Q 3 TS749 LGW1225 – 455YUL 32Q 6 Toronto – London Gatwick Increase from 9 to 14 weekly (10 weekly A321neo LR and 4 weekly A330-200)

TS794 YYZ1845 – 0655+1LGW 32Q 7 TS704 YYZ1945 – 0755+1LGW 32Q 6 TS494 YYZ2015 – 0825+1LGW 32Q 4 TS576 YYZ2035 – 0845+1LGW 32Q 5 TS282 YYZ2120 – 0920+1LGW 32Q 1 TS122 YYZ2205 – 1005+1LGW 32Q 123 TS122 YYZ2205 – 1005+1LGW 332 x123 TS540 YYZ2225 – 1035+1LGW 32Q 3 TS504 YYZ2240 – 1050+1LGW 32Q 2 TS495 LGW1000 – 1315YYZ 32Q 5 TS705 LGW1000 – 1315YYZ 32Q 7 TS795 LGW1010 – 1325YYZ 32Q 1 TS577 LGW1030 – 1345YYZ 32Q 6 TS283 LGW1055 – 1355YYZ 32Q 2 TS123 LGW1200 – 1500YYZ 32Q 234 TS123 LGW1200 – 1500YYZ 332 x234 TS541 LGW1225 – 1540YYZ 32Q 4 TS505 LGW1255 – 1610YYZ 32Q 3 Vancouver – London Gatwick Reduce from 6 to 3 weekly

TS776 YVR1330 – 0655+1LGW 332 1 TS274 YVR1350 – 0720+1LGW 332 3 TS804 YVR1620 – 0950+1LGW 332 5 TS777 LGW0945 – 1135YVR 332 2 TS275 LGW1010 – 1200YVR 332 4 TS805 LGW1130 – 1320YVR 332 6

Virgin Atlantic further modifies A340-600 service in Jan 2020

Virgin Atlantic during the weekend of 01/02NOV19’s schedule update once again extended Airbus A340-600 service. Based on the update, the A340-600 is now scheduled to operate until 08JAN20, 3 days later than previously planned. The A340 is scheduled to operate on London Heathrow – Atlanta route from 07NOV19 to 08JAN20. VS103 LHR0920 – 1415ATL 346 D VS104 ATL1750 – 0655+1LHR 346 D

Qatar Airways Dec 2019 London Gatwick aircraft changes

Qatar Airways in recent schedule update filed aircraft changes for Doha – London Gatwick route, as the oneWorld carrier schedules Airbus A350-900XWB service in December. Planned operation as follows. Doha – London Gatwick 01DEC19 – 31DEC19 A350-900XWB operating as QR327/328, replacing 787-8 (Separately, QR329/330 will see 777-300ER operating from 02DEC19 to 12DEC19)

Air Astana S20 Nur-Sultan – London aircraft changes

Air Astana in last week’s schedule update filed aircraft changes for Nur-Sultan – London Heathrow route, where the airline plans to operate Airbus A321neo LR aircraft in summer 2020 season. The A321neo LR will operate this route 4 times weekly, replacing Boeing 757, from 29MAR20. KC941 TSE1440 – 1650LHR 32Q x135 KC942 LHR1805 – 0530+1TSE 32Q x135

El Al 787-8 W19 operations as of 03NOV19

El Al Israel Airlines in recent schedule update revised planned Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner service entry. Based on latest update, the airline’s 238-seater 787-8 aircraft to enter service on Tel Aviv – London Heathrow as LY317/318, on 01DEC19. As of 03NOV19, planned 787-8 operation for winter 2019/20 season includes the following. Operational dates listed below is based on Tel Aviv departure,

Tel Aviv – London Heathrow eff 01DEC19 Selected dates

Planned 787-8 operation remains subject to change.

British Airways NW20 Preliminary Long-Haul changes as of 01NOV19

British Airways in recent schedule update extended schedule listing into winter 2020/21 season, effective from 25OCT20. Preliminary changes as follow. Note majority of the comparison is based on NW20 vs NW19, unless otherwise stated. London Heathrow – Dallas/Ft. Worth eff 25OCT20 787-9 replaces 747-400 London Heathrow – Houston eff 25OCT20 BA195/194 787-9 replaces 777-200ER (Overall 2 daily 787-9) London Heathrow – Mumbai eff 25OCT20 1 of 3 daily operated by 787-8, as BA135/134, replacing 777-200ER/787-9 Additional changes to be filed in the next few months.

British Airways S20 Long-Haul changes as of 06NOV19

British Airways yesterday (06NOV19) filed selected changes to its planned long-haul service for summer 2020 season, from 29MAR20. Latest adjustment as follows (all dates based on London departure). London Heathrow – Calgary Not reported previously, service operates until 03OCT20 for summer 2020 season. 787-8/-9 operating London Heathrow – Delhi 29MAR20 – 31AUG20 BA143/142 747-400 replaces 777-200ER London Heathrow – Mumbai Operational aircraft changes, 777-200ER replaced by following BA139/138 eff 29MAR20 747-400 (This also replaces previously planned 3-class 777 from 08SEP20) BA135/134 eff 29MAR20 787-9 (Service reduced to 5 weekly during 07NOV19's schedule update) BA199/198 31MAY20 – 26JUN20 747-400 London Heathrow – Muscat Not reported previously, service operates from 01APR20 to 18APR20 for summer season London Heathrow – Nassau – Grand Cayman eff 31MAR20 Increase from 4 to 5 weekly, 777-200ER operating (Except September) London Heathrow – New Orleans eff 31MAR20 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly, new flight operates on Tuesdays (Except 12AUG20 – 01SEP20. Selected Tuesdays operated by 787-9, instead of -8) London Heathrow – New York JFK eff 04APR20 BA115/176 cancelled on Saturdays (Overall service reduced from 56 to 55 weekly; reflected during 07NOV19's update) London Heathrow – Tokyo Narita Further aircraft changes, 777-300ER replaces 787-9 from 10JUL20 to 13AUG20 (Previous plan: 01JUL20 – 24OCT20), First Class sold as Business Class Additional changes, including planned Airbus A350-1000XWB and forthcoming Boeing 787-10 aircraft will be filed in the next few weeks. Previously reported changes: London Heathrow – Abu Dhabi eff 29MAR20 777-200ER replaces 787-9, 1 daily. 3-class aircraft replaces 4-class from 15JUN20 London Heathrow – Atlanta eff 29MAR20 787-9 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily London Heathrow – Bangkok eff 30JUN20 787-9 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily (787-8 operates from 13OCT20 on selected dates) London Heathrow – Chennai eff 04APR20 1 of 7 weekly operated by 787-9, replacing -8 London Heathrow – Dubai eff 29MAR20 BA109/108 currently listed as 3-class 777-200ER service London Heathrow – Houston eff 29MAR20 Operational aircraft changes BA195/194 4-class 777-200ER replaces 747-400 BA197/196 787-9 replaces 777-200ER London Heathrow – Hyderabad eff 29MAR20 5 of 7 weekly operated by 787-9, replacing -8 London Heathrow – Newark eff 29MAR20 BA189/188 Day 7 operated by 3-class 777-200ER, instead of 4-class aircraft London Heathrow – Philadelphia eff 29MAR20 Operational aircraft changes BA067/066 3-class 777-200ER replaces 747-400 BA069/068 1 of 3 weekly operated by 787-9, replacing 4-class 777-200ER London Heathrow – Phoenix eff 29MAR20 777-300ER replaces 747-400, 1 daily London Heathrow – San Diego eff 29MAR20 747-400 continues operating in summer season, replacing 777-300ER in S19 London Heathrow – Seoul Incheon eff 01SEP20 787-9 replaces -8, First Class cabin not available for sale London Heathrow – Tel Aviv eff 29MAR20 BA167/166 currently listed as 3-class 777-200ER service

Air New Zealand Nov 2020 North America service changes

Air New Zealand last week extended schedule listing into Northern winter 2020/21 season, effective from 25OCT20. Previously announced by the airline, NZ will be ending service to London Heathrow, where it currently operates Auckland – Los Angeles – London Heathrow. Last flight out of London in on 24OCT20, ending the airline’s operation since August 1982.

Ural Airlines S20 London service changes as of 07NOV19

Ural Airlines in the last few days extended Moscow Domodedovo – London Stansted schedule into summer 2020 season, effective from 29MAR20. The airline currently lists 4 weekly flights maintained in summer, however 2 of the 4 weekly service on board 2-class A320 will move to afternoon departure from Moscow. Reservation for flights on/after 29MAR20 is expected to open in the coming weeks. U6745 DME1000 – 1150STN 320 25 U6745 DME1520 – 1710STN 320 36 U6746 STN1250 – 1830DME 320 25 U6746 STN1810 – 2350DME 320 36

easyJet W19 Bristol / Milan / London A321neo operations as of 11NOV19

easyJet in the last few weeks filed changes to its planned Airbus A321neo network. Since Airlineroute’s last reported on 19AUG19, the airline modified planned launch dates at Bristol and Milan Malpensa, where the former moved forward to 08NOV19 (instead of 16NOV19), while the latter moved to 01JAN20 (instead of 24DEC19). Selected routes to/from Bristol on board Airbus A321neo aircraft also sees expanded frequency for winter season.

London Gatwick – Krakow 07DEC19 – 28DEC19 1 weekly (Previously not reported)

easyJet S20 new A321neo routes as of 11NOV19

easyJet in the last week filed its summer schedule in the OAG and GDS, which highlights expanded Airbus A321neo operation in summer 2020 season. In summer 2020 season, the airline plans to base A321neo at Paris CDG, from late-May 2020. As of 11NOV19, planned A321neo-operating new routes for summer season as follows. (Note current schedule listed until 30AUG20)

London Gatwick – Dubrovnik eff 05MAY20 1 weekly London Gatwick – Nice eff 01APR20 1 weekly (A321 briefly operated 3 flights in March 2019) London Gatwick – Palermo eff 16APR20 2 weekly London Gatwick – Pisa eff 29MAR20 2 weekly

Following routes will see expanded frequency operated by A321neo, compared to summer 2019 (up to September 2019): London Gatwick – Alicante eff 28JUN20 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly London Gatwick – Antalya eff 01APR20 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly, 5 weekly from 17APR20 London Gatwick – Bodrum eff 29MAR20 Increase from 2 to 7 weekly London Gatwick – Fuerteventura eff 30MAR20 Increase from 1 to 3 weekly (A321 also operated 3 weekly in July/August 2019) London Gatwick – Hurghada eff 01APR20 Increase from 1 to 2 weekly London Gatwick – Larnaca eff 30MAR20 Increase from 3 to 4 weekly (A321 also operated 4 weekly in July/August 2019) London Gatwick – Lisbon eff 29MAR20 Increase from 2 to 4 weekly (5 weekly from 25JUN20) London Gatwick – Malaga eff 29MAR20 Increase from 1-3 to 4 weekly London Gatwick – Marrakech eff 29MAR20 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly London Gatwick – Milan Malpensa eff 29MAR20 Increase from 1 to 2 weekly London Gatwick – Paphos eff 29MAR20 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly London Gatwick – Porto 01APR20 – 19JUN20 Increase from 2 to 3 weekly London Gatwick – Tenerife South eff 29MAR20 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly Other changes: London Gatwick – Palma Mallorca eff 24MAY20 – 24JUN20 A321 service increases from 2 to 3 weekly

Virgin Atlantic S20 Leisure service expansions

Virgin Atlantic last week announced service expansion on leisure routes for summer 2020 season, including additional service added from Manchester. Planned changes as follows. London Gatwick – Orlando Additional 1-2 weekly flights added on Thursdays and Saturdays as VS049/050 (A330-200 on Day 6, 747-400 on Day 4) 04JUL20 – 19JUL20 Increase from 14 to 15 weekly 20JUL20 – 05SEP20 Increase from 16 to 18 weekly

Air India 1Q20 Delhi – London aircraft changes

Air India in the first quarter of 2020 is expanding Delhi – London Heathrow capacity, as the airline once again schedules Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on 1 of 2 daily flight. The 777 is scheduled to operate AI111/112 from 07JAN20 to 28MAR20. AI161 DEL0230 – 0635LHR 788 D AI111 DEL1445 – 1855LHR 77W D AI162 LHR0845 – 2225DEL 788 D AI112 LHR2130 – 1120+1DEL 77W D

Aegean Airlines moves forward A321neo service to January 2020

Aegean Airlines last week moved forward planned A321neo operation, now scheduled from January 2020, instead of late-March 2020. For winter 2019/20 season, the A321neo to operate following service. Athens – London Gatwick 21JAN20 – 27MAR20 A3606/607 (3 weekly) Athens – London Heathrow 19JAN20 – 28MAR20 A3608/609 (1 daily)

TUI Airways resumes Sharm el Sheikh service from Feb 2020

TUI Airways in February 2020 plans to resume service to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, on board Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Initially the airline will operate service from Birmingham, London Gatwick and Manchester, followed by Bristol and Doncaster from May 2020.

London Gatwick – Sharm el Sheikh eff 16FEB20 Service resumption since April 2017, 2 weekly 737-800 (3 weekly from 03MAY20. Schedule below from May 2020) TOM206 LGW1340 – 1955SSH 73H 7 TOM652 LGW1425 – 2040SSH 73H 3 TOM840 LGW1440 – 2055SSH 73H 4 TOM207 SSH2055 – 0125+1LGW 73H 7 TOM653 SSH2140 – 0210+1LGW 73H 3 TOM841 SSH2155 – 0225+1LGW 73H 4

Georgian Airways W19 service adjustments

Georgian Airways in winter 2019/20 is adjusting operations, as the airline suspends selected routes during winter season. Following routes will be temporary suspended.

Tbilisi – London Gatwick 21NOV19 – 10DEC19, 12JAN20 – 13MAR20

Wizz Air Poland network expansion in S20

Wizz Air in the last few weeks announced further service expansion from Poland in summer 2020 (selected service from Feb 2020), with the additional Airbus A321 aircraft based at Krakow and Warsaw. Planned increase as follows.

Krakow – London Gatwick eff 23FEB20 1 daily A321

Virgin Atlantic S20 London Heathrow service changes as of 23NOV19

Virgin Atlantic during the weekend of 23NOV19’s schedule update filed additional changes for long-haul service at London Heathrow, for summer 2020 season. Planned changes as follows. London Heathrow – Delhi eff 29MAR20 Increase from 1 to 2 daily. VS302/303 initially operated by A330-300, switching to 787-9 from 15MAY20 VS302 LHR0955 – 2300DEL 789 D VS300 LHR2200 – 1115+1DEL 789 D VS303 DEL0200 – 0700LHR 789 D VS301 DEL1320 – 1810LHR 789 D London Heathrow – Johannesburg eff 29MAR20 Reduce from 2 to 1 daily, A350-1000XWB replaces 787-9 London Heathrow – Lagos A330-300 replaced by following aircraft 29MAR20 – 31JUL20 A340-600 (Overall A340 service extended into summer 2020) eff 01AUG20 A350-1000XWB London Heathrow – Los Angeles eff 19APR20 VS023/024 A350-1000XWB replaces 787-9 (Planned overall increase from 14 to 17 weekly from 29MAR20 unchanged) London Heathrow – New York JFK A350-1000XWB operating service scheduled 2-3 daily in summer season (Planned reduction from 42 to 35 weekly unchanged, 33 from 10JUN20, unchanged) London Heathrow – San Francisco eff 03APR20 Increase from 13 to 14 weekly eff 15MAY20 VS019/020 A350-1000XWB replaces 787-9

Turkmenistan Airlines files London Luton schedule from Dec 2019

Turkmenistan Airlines from December 2019 intends to resume service to London, as the airline filed operational schedule for Ashgabat – London Luton route, appeared in 25NOV19’s OAG schedules update. Subject to change, the airline would operate this service from 03DEC19 on board Boeing 737-800, once weekly. T5423 ASB1235 – 1435LTN 738 2 T5424 LTN1710 – 0450+1ASB 738 2 The airline previously operated Ashgabat – London Heathrow route.

Loganair discontinues London Southend - Glasgow route in Jan 2020

Loganair in January 2020 is ending its London Southend - Glasgow domestic route, reflected in recent schedule updates. Affected routes include the following. London Southend – Glasgow eff 04JAN20 up to 2 daily service cancelled

flyBe S20 London Southend network expansion

flyBe in summer 2020 season plans to offer 6 new routes from London Southend, gradually in effect between late-March 2020 and June 2020. Majority of these service will be operated by Dash8-Q400 aircraft, while some operated by Stobart Air ATR72. London Southend – Belfast City eff 01JUN20 18 weekly Dash8-Q400 London Southend – Edinburgh eff 15JUN20 18 weekly Dash8-Q400 London Southend – Glasgow eff 01MAY20 18 weekly Dash8-Q400 London Southend – Isle of Man eff 30MAR20 6 weekly ATR72 (Stobart Air; 7 weekly from 26MAY20) London Southend – Jersey eff 02MAY20 2 weekly Dash8-Q400 and ATR72 (ATR72 by Stobart Air) London Southend – Newcastle eff 29MAR20 12 weekly ATR72 (Stobart Air)

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