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Putting the Country First

Last night’s England victory over Montenegro provided a welcome relief (at least for football supporters) from the upcoming general election and the misdeeds of politicians.

Undoubtedly there will be some candidates for the election who will jump on the bandwagon with suitable words of congratulation as the win provided certainty that England will now qualify for next year’s European Championship Tournament. It’s worth a reminder that the national team’s three group games will be played at Wembley and should they reach the semi-finals and final, both games will also be played at the same venue.

Almost a home tournament and a great incentive - our best wishes go to manager Gareth Southgate and the players he selects to represent England next summer.

Another reminder however; between now and then, those same players will need to be playing for their club sides, including, where applicable, European club competition games. If they are not, and instead are second fiddle to the huge number of foreign players now in England (at all levels of the sport), they will lack the extra experience, the additional ‘something’ that was missing in the semi-finals of the last World Cup and the same stage of the European Nations competition.

England’s clubs must put country first - just as politicians must.

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