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Time for a real 'people's vote'

Time for a real 'people's vote'

The UK stands it would seem, on the brink; either it will leave the European Union on October 31 or it won't. If it does not, this will not be the fault of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He has been frustrated at every corner and beyond by MPs determined to overturn the result of the referendum and by the EU Commission, who seem equally determined to see the UK remain as a member of the institution.

Regardless of the outcome of the current negotiations and and a vote by MPs in the House of Commons, we must repeat our now long-held sentiment that there are too many MPs who have failed in their duty to both country and constituency.

There is only one 'people's vote' that now matters. A general election must be held, with new candidates standing, Conservative, Labour and yes, independent Conservatives and Independent Labour as well as those free of any party.

As for the Liberal Democrats, the stance of its leader means the party has given up any right to be considered.

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