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Misleading everybody

A persistent message is pushed remorselessly at everybody; avoid a 'No Deal' Brexit.

Yet nobody is proposing one.

If the UK leaves on 31st October without signing the Withdrawal Agreement there are still already in place a number of agreements to allow normal life to carry on. Those 'deals' that have been made so far are temporary and will be superseded by a permanent trade deal - as will any Withdrawal Agreement.

There is already a Customs Agreement, an Aviation Agreement, a Government Procurement Agreement, a Haulage Agreement and there are also many others.

The still-insistent (and deliberate) confusing of what the Withdrawal Agreement means continues on a daily basis. Yet the 'deal' everybody keeps going on about is still only an agreement that covers the terms of the UK's departure. It is not and never has been any kind of long-term 'deal' over trade and how the UK will work with and alongside the EU. The existing 'deal' does not offer anything in the way of covering a future partnership with things that actually matter.

We are told we will 'fall off a cliff edge'. Why? Most nations trade successfully with the EU without being members of it. Management at both Dover and Calais has assured us that vehicles will flow with their imports to us after we have left, just as we export easily today from many non EU countries.

Another continuing lie is that we will be short of medicines and food.

No main continental supplier wants to cancel their contract with us - they will lose a huge amount of money. Our border is currently a VAT, Excise and currency border. The calculations and payments are done electronically. So can tariffs be handled should there be any.

Those MPs that continue to peddle their distortions and outright lies say they are defending Parliamentary sovereignty

This they are not doing.

They are holding the government and the people of the UK hostage to try and ensure that EU powers to legislate over us, to tax us and to direct us in many ways, stay in place. These are the same MPs who gave away powers of self government over the years whilst telling us they had not done so.

Their use of words and phrases such as 'car crash' and 'cataclysmic' are untrue.

Most of all, they are betraying not just those who voted leave but also those who voted remain but accept that a majority won a democratic vote to leave the EU.

The people already had a vote.

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