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A Failing Parliament Occupied by Failing Members

On the day that Parliament was prorogued, we were critical of the behaviour of a number of Members of the UK House of Commons.

Yet if anybody thought that was the extreme example, they were sadly mistaken. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the Supreme Court judgement on prorogation, the display and words, and the manner in which those words were delivered by MPs, leaves us in no doubt that a large number of current members should not be in their positions.

These are people who have brought shame and disgrace to the Mother of All Parliaments; these are people who have brought shame and disgrace to the people they are supposed to represent.

Regardless of which way UK citizens voted in the EU referendum, those same citizens deserve and are entitled to have representatives that are dignified and honest.

Too many current MPs are neither.

All must be dismissed. New candidates must be selected and a general election held. The people of the UK are the ones who gave these wretched, self-serving, posturing, point-scoring, shallow and unrepresentative creatures their jobs – well-paid jobs too, at almost £80,000 per year each.

As Oliver Cromwell once said; ‘In the name of God, go.’

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