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The Work Capability Assessment remains a serious ordeal for people who have an illness or other medical condition that restricts their ability to do a normal day-to-day job.

Lizzie Cornish presents a savage indictment of a flawed system that has been allowed to adversely impact upon the lives of people who are already suffering. Although written originally in 2016, it is as relevant today as it was then.

I use the term 'Assassins' (in the title) in the context of those who have stolen, darkly, into our once democratic government with one mission; to kill the 'important people' who matter.

Those 'important people' are us..... They are MY people. They are YOUR people. They're the sick, unemployed, disabled and dying, and the 1950s and 60s women denied their state pensions for 6 years and left in hell. They are also The Miners, from whose private pensions Margaret Thatcher stole billions too.

These assassins have crept in silently over the past few decades, Ninja-style, destroying all that we once held dear in this country, our integrity, compassion, empathy, support, truth and justice...and they are now killing so many of us in the most cunning of ways, by simply removing our means to be able to live, doing so by stopping welfare benefits, by destroying our welfare system from the inside, out and by looting our pensions. all assassins, they have no conscience. They actually believe that they are committing their crimes for a good cause. They are utterly ruthless and utterly insane

"Hey, Daisy Darling, there are people in this world who don't think like you do, they don't think like you do and some don't think at all..." (Extracted from the beautiful song 'Daisy' by Karine Polwart

I am now at the mercy of the people of whom Karine sings, those who, like the humans who enabled The Nazis to do what they did, are 'just doing their jobs'....even if their 'jobs' enable the modern day genocide of a whole section of 1950s/60s women, denied our pensions without warning, without notification until just before we were due to hit their wall of carnage.....

Yes, truly, there ARE people who don't think like you do..... Please, don't EVER forget this. Not....EVER

Every day now, I wake up not just feeling I've been abused, but knowing that I have millions of others in Cruel Britannia too. You see, I was raging before I ever stepped into the office for my ESA Assessment, but that rage was nothing compared to how I feel now.....

I've been, quite literally, traumatised for the past two days, since Friday 26th August 2016....shut myself away, head down, cushions around me, my beloved animals surrounding me, my eyes only wanting to watch beautiful films, my ears only wanting to hear beautiful words of love and tenderness, my soul only wanting to still feel that good will always overcome evil in the end and that truth will always find a voice. It gave me back a drop of hope, of a feeling that 'somewhere out there' lies a land of Happy Ever After, even though it has always eluded me, personally....a land where others will be able to find happiness through the tears of this terrible time where o