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A Day At Myrtle

Heathrow Airport is one of the top draws for aviation enthusiasts from, quite literally, around the world, as one sunny day revealed.

At one time, the UK's premier international air transport hub had a well-used observation terrace on the roof of what used to be Terminal 2; London however, has been, and remains a target for terrorist activity and, as with other airports around the world, the area gave way to the concerns raised.

A short walk from Hatton Cross Underground and Bus station takes one right under the approach path to Runway 27 Left.

Airliner fans are the last group likely to pose a threat and could also provide extra eyes and ears for the security services but even so, have found their outlets disappearing everywhere. Nevertheless, there are some airports that have maintained dedicated observation areas, notably Amsterdam, Zurich and Frankfurt (to name just three). Even New York's John F. Kennedy now has one, mounted atop the hotel that has opened by the former TWA terminal, preserved at the airport.

One can get up close and personal to arriving aircraft, including the Queen of the Skies, the Boeing 747, even though its days are numbered now