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Wouldn't the facts be nice?

Last week we began to publish stories regarding the ever-increasing extermination of wildlife around the globe and the also ever-increasing destruction of the environment in which wildlife lives.

The world in which we live, planet Earth, is not the sole property of humankind. We share it with every other species. So we must take better care of it than we have been.

For much of humanity's existence we have treated both the planet and every other species appallingly badly and this has to change. But it is how we effect that change that counts.

We won't do it very well by over-inflating and 'bigging up' those aspects with which we identify most closely; we won't do it by ignoring things either. We will only truly do better by taking the more rational stance and talking sensibly about the things that concern us.

We won’t do it by taking violent action either; all that does is alienate others and turn them against that which is the subject of protest. Like Heathrow Airport’s expansion; like Brexit. Like the extinction of wildlife and unfettered deforestation. There are any number of other areas in which we need to improve the way in which we handle the difficulties we face. Over-emphasising the effects of leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement is one; doing the same with an additional runway at Heathrow is another, as is hurling insults at others on social media.

So just look at the facts. Tell the truth. Then find a solution. It isn’t too much to ask.

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