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Under Attack: Earth and its Wildlife

The world’s wildlife is dying from deforestation and cruelty caused by logging.

Our children and grandchildren will not get to enjoy Earth's natural beauty and the wildlife that make our planet so beautiful and diverse is at risk of vanishing and once gone, can never be replaced. Our planet is now faced with global pollution and climate change with worldwide deforestation on a scale never been seen before. It is causing thousands of animals each day to flee their homes, many of them forced into areas in which they cannot survive...and where they die.

Humans are cutting down over 15 billion trees every year that are not getting replanted, destroying the homes of these animals. Those trees take up over 50 million acres – an area larger than the US State of Florida. Imagine that...all of the animals in Florida being killed in just a year. This is happening all around the world.

These are trees that wildlife needs to survive. These trees are literally their homes. These are also trees that are needed for climate and the earth’s atmosphere as well. Did you know for example, that trees absorb over 200 tons of CO2 per second?

The world’s wildlife needs the world’s forests and so do we. If we sit back and do nothing, the answer is pretty obvious. Wildlife will continue to die, numbered in millions each year, with many species becoming extinct - like Orangutans in the rainforests of Indonesia.

8 Billion Trees wants to make sure that doesn't happen. Their mission is simple: fight to stop deforestation and habitat destruction, destruction that kills millions of animals each year and causes some of Earth's most diverse species to become extinct. By fighting this habitat loss, 8 Billion Trees also fights global warming through planting trees that absorb harmful carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases. 8 Billion Trees wants to help the Earth do what it does best--grow and sustain animal life. 8 Billion Trees was founded with a simple idea: if people can destroy the Earth, they can also help to rebuild it. Co-founders Michael Powell and Jon Chambers were inspired by groups like Ecosia and Trees for the Future, but saw the opportunity to do something even bigger: plant and save 8 billion trees.

Taking their passion for entrepreneurship and channeling it into a cause for greater good, 8 Billion Trees was born on November 10th, 2018.

The goal is to become the most environmentally aware company on the planet and it is not simply to reduce the negative impacts of habitat destruction, deforestation and irresponsible forestry; they want to use these issues as fuel to completely revitalize what it means to be environmentally friendly. By changing our environment and spreading awareness, 8 Billion Trees are hoping to make a global change.

The mission is again a simple one, although far from easy; restoring Earth and fighting against unfettered and unneeded deforestation, and always striving to find new ways to revitalize and restore the environment. Ultimately, 8 Billion Trees believe that we are here to leave the world a better place than we found it, while inspiring others to do the same for an Earth of tomorrow that is greener and brighter for all.

Through focusing on planting and conserving trees around the world, the company can fight deforestation causing habitat destruction that is displacing millions of animals, as well as man-made climate change affecting everybody now--and for all future generations to come.

Furthermore, by conserving existing trees and planting new trees, endangered animals like Orangutans in Indonesia, Lemurs in Madagascar, and Sloths in Brazil can be saved.

Further information can be found at:

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