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Airline TV Advertising

With the first two decades of the twenty-first century coming to an end in less than six months’ time it has been an era in which airlines have come and gone; evolutions, revolutions and airline rebranding has been rife over those twenty years.

Social Media has become quite a platform for marketing and customer service for Airlines worldwide. However TV advertisements are still a major draw for marketing. In recent years they have been used on sites like Dailymotion and YouTube and has given content creators income and a new career path as well providing airlines further reach to new audience members.

Obviously what catches the eye and ears is a personal thing but for what it may be worth, here are my top five from those years:

5. Jennifer Aniston's Shower (2016)

By 2015 Emirates had established itself as one of the world’s premier airlines. The carrier has a huge mega-hub in Dubai and had firmly asserted itself as one of ‘the’ airlines to fly and over the last decade, its first class product had become renowned

Former ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston starred in a comical minute long advert promoting the horror of a nightmare journey. The actress was depicted using an airline other than Emirates (though clearly mocking the stereotypical US carrier) lacking all the nice amenities that Emirates provides in their flagship Airbus A380. It then follows Aniston waking up and retelling her ordeal to a bar tender (yes Emirates has a bar in their First/Business Class) before jokingly asking a flight attendant whether or not the pilot can extend the flight time a bit.

Whilst not her only advert, Aniston received a backlash over her appearance in this one. The primary reasons were the ‘arrogance’ of promoting a classy premier product while completely ignoring the fact that Emirates has an economy class in which an ordinary traveller wouldn't be allowed near the products shown. Another factor (and more a social issue) is Aniston supporting an airline that has a record for allegedly ‘mistreating’ female employees when she was known for her support of pro-women movements. Nonetheless, if you enjoy a bit of a laugh as well as having an interest in Emirates’ first class, this advert is one to sit back and chuckle with.

4. easyJet goes down the rabbit hole (2014)