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Killing For Fun

Your local High Street, a sunny summer afternoon. People go about their usual business, working, shopping, browsing, whatever. A few kids do wheelies on their bikes, out of harm's way (theirs and everybody else's).

Then a man or woman gets out a high-powered rifle and shoots somebody. Everybody runs and finds somewhere to hide. This scene has happened and continues to happen in some part of the world every day. Yes, every day. There is an outcry when the person with the gun is photographed, standing proudly over the victim, smiling.

Later apprehended and asked why they did it, the shooter says, 'But its sport!'

Is it?

Take a good look at the picture above (its on the Home Page as well). Many people will undoubtedly shrug and say, 'Its a Lion. So what?'

Yet Lions, along with many other wild animals, are routinely ruthlessly gunned down for fun, and in the name of sport.

What is the difference between the victim in the High Street and the victim in the wild? Is it that the Lion cannot shoot back? Is it that the Lion cannot walk genially up to the person with the gun and say, 'Look old chap. I really don't want to be shot. I have a wife and three kids at home and I'm just going out to get some food so I can feed my family.'

But because it isn't in the High Street, not much fuss is made about this killing, this killing without mercy. The killing of this Lion, or any other wild animal.

The Human species considers itself to be superior. But Humanity is the ONLY species that kills for fun. Humanity is the ONLY species that discriminates - against every other species as well as other members of the same species.

Humanity shares this planet, it does not own it. Simply because humans can converse, walk upright and use guns does not make the human race superior.

It is time to behave with humanity and end the murder of Lions, Elephants and every other wild animal for fun.

It is not fun to kill. It is not brave to kill. It is not sporting to kill. And every animal - including humans, feels pain and emotion.

Every animal, including humans, can die.

Join this campaign. Email us -

We may not get very far very quickly but we should and we must do more than post outraged comments on social media. Yes, carry on doing just that but join KJM Today and start the ball rolling.

End the murder.


We want YOU to join us in campaigning to end hunting with guns.


get involved;

write your own views and send it to us;

ask what skills and talents you have that might be able to help end the slaughter;

email us with ideas, with your own feedback and input.


be violent in your protest;

say nothing and leave it to somebody else;

Don't stay silent;

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