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The Consequences of Carl Beech

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel have caught the eye – and the ears – of many with their pronouncements on law and order, most especially the Home Secretary’s declaration that she wants criminals to feel terror.

There is much to be said for a severe crackdown on criminal activity but there is unfortunately a small problem with such an initiative, namely that the innocent will be dragged into an ever-widening net of state-sponsored trawling for possible illicit activity.

Most people will think ‘It can’t happen to me’, and subscribe to the view that they don’t have anything to hide so why should they worry. This view, while understandable at least up to a point, has a number of issues; firstly, the only way to find out if you do actually have anything to hide is to investigate you. The second is that once such an investigation begins, the effect it will have on your life will be devastating.

The third point is that it has become astonishingly easy for somebody, anybody, to make up an allegation and for that allegation to be not only believed but for it to be virtually unchallenged. This aspect has been dramatically brought into focus by the case of one Carl Beech, otherwise known as ‘Nick’

Carl Beech is the unknown nobody who became somebody by making up what ultimately proved to be a ludicrous, and very false, tale of being sexually abused and tortured by a number of well-known and high-profile people, all of whom either had their reputations trashed and were unable to defend themselves because they were dead, or were – and are – still alive and had the means, primarily financial, to mount a defence of some kind.

Mainstream media (MSM) has made much of this last point with recent coverage and asked a very pertinent question; although the victims of Beech’s allegations have been vindicated (and very publicly so) they at least did have the means to defend themselves. But if the well-known could be put through this mill, what chance do ordinary people have if facing such abhorrent lies as those peddled by Carl Beech? The answer of course, is none. No chance at all. And it is why there are, now, in today’s UK, literally thousands of people carrying criminal convictions for crimes they did not commit.

MSM coverage has yet to ask however, how it is possible that such a situation could have come to pass. How could a country like the UK, steeped as it has been in fairness and doing the right thing, allow those such as Carl Beech to get away with destroying innocent lives? For, make no mistake, those lives have been destroyed; it is at best, very difficult and at worst completely impossible to ‘move on’ and return to being an ordinary person once one has had to live through a false allegation of sexually abusing children. So how has it happened?

Remember Tony Blair? That fresh-faced young guy with a winsome smile who swept to power on the back of consistent Tory in-fighting during the John Major era; that ‘new broom’ who ushered in over two decades of Labour rule, winning three general elections along the way – the only time Labour has ever been in power for more than one full term of office. Blair’s Labour remains thus far the only Labour government to have been in office for long enough to really get to work. Blair himself however, was never a real politician. He was a front man, one who could win people over. Yes, he was without doubt a powerful Prime Minster and yes it was he who appointed key people into government to run the country. What followed Labour’s 1997 election win thus happened on his watch and under his leadership.

Blair’s Labour did a number of things that have had far-reaching effects and one of them was to turn child protection into a massive industry of itself. Another was to take the UK into a number of armed