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A Brutal Cull or Inevitable Change?

Within one afternoon and evening of Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister, the departure of so many serving cabinet ministers and the appointment of an equal number of new arrivals is a change unprecedented in parliamentary history.

But is this really a surprise? One overriding fact that cannot be denied (no matter how it is phrased or promoted) is that of those that voted in the EU referendum, a clear majority voted to leave. That is democracy; the majority wins. The UK must leave.

The abject failure to deliver the will of the majority is a savage indictment of those charged with doing so and that includes those who are now ex-ministers. As Theresa May rightly pointed out in her final PMQs, everybody in the House of Commons is there to represent the people. The new Prime Minister himself reaffirmed that in his first speech in Downing Street. So those leaving government have only themselves to blame.

Those who want to stay with the EU have every right to campaign to rejoin the EU and we at KJM Today encourage them to do so. But what they cannot do is stop Brexit. That is undemocratic.

The worry is that, yet again, those MPs still in Parliament will continue to try and prevent the departure of the UK from the EU. That is not your task. Some of those, most notably Dominic Grieve, Oliver Letwin, David Gauke, Phillip Hammond, Anna Soubry, Jo Swinson, Margaret Beckett and Yvette Cooper, have been vocal in opposition to Brexit. Sorry, but that is not why you are in Parliament. If you wish to oppose it, that is your right. But you cannot do it by undermining the present Government. Leave Parliament and leave now. Doing so gives you the freedom to campaign as you wish.

By acting as you have, you set yourselves as opponents of the people. You create a situation where Parliament is against the people.

And it is the people who must win.

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