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A Never Ending Story

That politicians have a habit of going on and on is never in doubt. It is a fact - and perhaps a sad one - that for decades, politics has been viewed by the general public as something rather boring. The reason for that is the now decades-old preponderance of spin and obfuscation from those involved.

Can however, politics and politicians ever been held in such low esteem as is the case today?

On one hand we have the increasingly unedifying spectacle of the Conservative leadership contest. Having narrowed it down to the final pair, this seems to be dragging on and on. Yet each day, new revelations seem to appear about Boris Johnson, each more lurid than the last. Jeremy Hunt still appears to lag some distance behind his rival but at least doesn't attract the same critical headlines.

On the other hand there is the huge question mark now attached to Labour and anti-Semitism. Again it appears to be a valid point with a number of allegations having been made but it is not only this that scars the face, heart and soul of the party. It is also the increasing evidence of intolerance over who should stand as a Labour MP. The hard left now seem to have gained control to the point where only those of a similar thinking will be allowed to stand for election.

The EU has just appointed (not elected - appointed) new leaders and these individuals also have serious questions to answer...if that is, they ever care to, which seems unlikely.

The state of politics today raises disturbing questions over where society may be heading and one wonders if this may be a story without end.

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