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Out Of Touch - A new Dimension

The British Medical Association (BMA) last week passed a motion that all foreign visitors to the UK should recive whatever medical care and treatment they need free. Without paying for it.

This absurd decision has been met, understandably, with a mixture of anger and confusion around the country. That 'health tourism' is a huge drain on the resources of the NHS has been recognised for some considerable time yet the BMA want an already under strain health service to hand out expensive care to anybody, no matter from where they may come.

On top of this is the scurrilous comment from the BMA that not to do so is 'racist'. This is a slap in the face and a gross insult to millions of native Britons who pay their taxes and NI contributions to fund the NHS so that when they - those same native Britons - need medical help, they can receive it. Because people lawfully resident in the UK pay those taxes and NI contributions, it is worth pointing out that the NHS is not free. It never has been. It is paid for by the British people.

The NHS is a British national health service. Not an International one, free to all and sundry. There is not one healthcare professional that we have spoken to over the past few days who agrees with this offensive and insulting action by the BMA. The BMA is a union, just like any other. It exists to represent its members and look after their interests. It does not exist to pander to political correctness and to hurl insults at the British people. We can only recommend to its members that those who came up with this divisive idea are removed from thier positions at the earliest opportunity.

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