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The Johnson Domestic: Circus and Farce, just Farcical or a Deliberate Smear Attempt?

The furore over Boris Johnson's apparent domestic dispute rumbles on and in all probability will do so for some time to come. On one hand, many say it was nothing and should not have received so much publicity. On the other, equally many say it was or is in the public interest since Johnson may well be the UK's next Prime Minister.

Let us look at facts:

1) Boris Johnson and his partner had a loud disagreement.

2) Loud enough to be heard by neighbours who, fearing for somebody's safety, called the police.

Both are indeed facts, we all know that. It is entirely correct, given the apparent noise being made, that neighbours should be concerned and it is also correct to call the police. There have been far too many examples of women subject to violent attack by those they live with (and those they don't) but also numerous instances of men being attacked as well - let us not forget that domestic violence is not a one-way street. So there is not an issue with calling the police.

3) The police attended, spoke to both people involved and no further action was taken as no crime took place. Neither Johnson or his partner have made a complaint. The matter should have ended there. But it didn't.

4) Information regarding the incident was then passed to The Guardian newspaper by neighbours.

Why? One of the most oft-use comments is that because Boris Johnson was involved and he (as we say above) may be the next Prime Minister so this is in the public interest is, in our view, utter nonsense.

If - and we stress IF - Johnson had committed an assault, then yes, it would be in the public interest and one could say with some certainty that his attempt to become Prime Minister would rightly end. Indeed, his political career should also end. But he didn't commit a crime. The police have said so. So why, merely because he, like almost everybody else, had a row with his partner, is this in the public interest? The answer is that it isn't.

KJM Today would not have run this story. Our view is that it is both farcical and nothing more than a deliberate attempt to smear him. By all means criticise Boris Johnson for his politics, his policies and his party if one so chooses.

Beyond that, where no crime has taken place, is not in the public interest.

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