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June 2019

The 75th commemorations of D-Day struck a chord with many people, not just around the UK but in France and elsewhere too. Kevan James' pictorial essay looks back on a week on the streets of London as the visit of US President Donald Trump for those commemorations was marked by protests as well as celebration.

Getting on a London bus is usually very straightforward except at times such as these; even the roads themselves have apparently been checked...

Above and below: The UK does pageantry and ceremony probably better than anybody else. At the forefront is The Household Cavalry, made up of the two most senior regiments in the British Army: The Life Guards and The Blues & Royals.

“They are called The Household Cavalry as each of the Troopers has to own his own house.”

Peter Sellers

(in his last interview, with Peter McDonagh, British Forces Broadcasting Service, 1980)

Parliament Square has seen demonstrations by the bucketload, including June 2019. It will see many more - such is the beauty of democracy.

Most of the time, demonstrations are placid affairs, although they also involve a lot of noise.

It is a tribute the the United Kingdom, its security services and police, that they usually are so.