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Theresa May – A Good Prime Minister or Otherwise?

The month of May seems a somewhat ironic time for outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May to announce her departure. By leaving office in June, she will avoid the unwanted tag of being the shortest-lived Prime Minister the UK has had (the record is held by Gordon Brown). Has her time in office been a good one or otherwise?

KJM Today looks back on her tenure and what the immediate future might hold.

Above: Theresa May approaches the podium to announce her resignation as Prime Minister (Yui Mok via AP)

Tyler McDowell

Theresa May was placed in an impossible situation by the convolutions of Brexit. Her apparent reputation as a bad Prime Minister was primarily due to having to take the fallout from her predecessor, David Cameron, who instigated a referendum and promptly left when it didn't go the way he (along with many others in the Westminster bubble) thought it would.

May did her best and what she thought was right in negotiating with the European Union over Brexit, but the EU gave her little in the way of options and, most significantly, far too many in her own Party, along with the opposition of Labour and the Liberal-Democrats, continually undermined her authority. She became stuck in limbo.

In Parliament at least, despite opinion to the contrary elsewhere around the country, almost everyone agreed that the UK should not leave the EU without a deal, but the EU were standing firmly behind the withdrawal agreement they had made. Whether or not that agreement was the right one is another matter but hardline Brexiteers made sure she couldn't get a majority with those conditions.

I think she wasn't the best Prime Minister the UK has had, but she is not the worst. Only her own party going against her made her position untenable.

Kevan James

I have met Theresa May, twice. Contrary to the reputation she has as being a little wooden and hard to speak with, I found her warm, engaging and quite happy to discuss things. Once she took office after David Cameron’s departure, I coined my own nickname for her; ‘The Kitten-Heeled Goddess’. I meant it with no malice, still don’t and it was due to her occasionally eye-catching footwear. Descriptions from others have been less flattering.

But was she a good Prime Minister? Its not quite as simple as that. One very obvious aspect to her premiership was that she became only the second female PM the UK has had and notably both were Conservative – something