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A new Broom is needed

Unlike many, we here at KJM Today have not been hurling insults at Prime Minister Theresa May. We do not believe that she has been dishonest over Brexit or for that matter anything else.

However, that does not mean she is immune from criticism and we have indeed been critical where we felt it was right to do so, just as we have been of others. Theresa May is, or perhaps more accurately has been, we also believe, one of the better MPs in the House of Commons. She had a golden opportunity to reshape the Conservative party and for the better after taking over from David Cameron. She was reasonably well-thought of around the country and that was reflected in opinions at the time. Unfortunately she blew it.

She blew it over Brexit by not stating clearly and unequivocally that the UK would leave the EU as a majority of voters had said; she blew it over her decision to call a general election after saying she would not and that’s when the doubts set it.

That the PM was shockingly badly advised over the election is without doubt and that is why the Conservatives went from having a narrow majority in Parliament to not having one at all. She has also performed poorly in the negotiations over the departure of the UK from the EU, being too reliant on EU-friendly advisors – a mistake she made during the election and that is why she has struggled to maintain support.

The PM has also blown it over the idea that a second referendum might take place. That is entirely unacceptable. As we have also said on KJM Today, the people already had a vote.

Unlike most of those in Parliament, Theresa May is a decent, honest and hard-working politician who has done her best. She is to be applauded for that and not merely insulted. A new party leader will not solve the problems Theresa May has encountered but, however reluctant we may do so, we must also join the call for her to step down.

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