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Discriminating Against the Majority

There are today numerous examples of the trust that the vast majority of law-abiding people place in those they consent to running things being betrayed.

So it is that a bunch of so-called travellers blatantly break planning laws by erecting yet another illegal encampment, this time in Hertfordshire, in the village of Little Hadham.

It is quite a historic place as it happens but its residents have suddenly found a collection of caravans and permanent dwellings has sprung up on their doorsteps. The land was, it seems, bought quite legally and given the scale and speed with which hardcore was laid to put their movable homes on and fences put up, these people are not short of money or building skills.

Naturally the police do nothing and the local authority seem hopelessly entangled by red tape and political correctness. Whatever their status, the people behind the encampment are clearly not ‘travellers’ and are also well financed.

They must be subject to the law like everybody else. Perhaps our even more hopeless politicians might like to attach themselves to real life for a change and do something about it. Although we won’t hold our breath.

TV upset

In the global miasma of worst ideas, there are some that rank highly in the worst of the worst and among the front-runner for the world’s worst anything is the chopping and changing of coverage between the Liverpool-Wolves game and Brighton-Manchester City match in yesterday’s final-season Match of the Day on BBC1.

Look – we all knew what the results were, we aren’t stupid. We just want to relax and watch a game, highlights perhaps but otherwise complete, in one piece.

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