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The Extinction of the Species

A new UN report says that an astounding one million species of animal and insect life is under threat from Humanity. And all of it from the relentless pursuit of economic growth.

The UN has warned that a major rethink is needed as to how we go about doing what we do and that our way of doing things must change. The UN are entirely correct. One of the supposedly special features of humankind is humanity – but there seems to be precious little of that towards those with whom we share the planet.

What a terrible indictment of our priorities when so many species have already vanished and so many more are likely to. Perhaps if we, a species, spent les time killing each other, less time posturing over things like Brexit, and more time being mire diligent about the way in which we – the allegedly superior species – go about destroying our home, we might serve our own interests in a better way.

On the subject of extinction, the tragic accident at Moscow revealed that people may have lost their lives as they tried to get carry-on bags from the burning aircraft. The Aviation Oracle’s article on this should be mandatory reading for everybody and we echo the call for free checked-in baggage to once again become the norm in air travel.

Read the article here –

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